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Seapine TestTrack helps organize test case management

TestTrack from Seapine Software brings application lifecycle management and test case management tools together in one platform to aid enterprises with a range of DevOps projects.

TestTrack from Seapine Software is a hybrid application lifecycle management suite that offers users enhanced code coverage tools for requirements management, test management and defect tracking. TestTrack offers a centralized location for all DevOps personnel to manage and oversee almost every facet of their application development projects, helping make every step of the process as visible, traceable and efficient as possible.

How does Seapine TestTrack support app development and testing?

Seapine TestTrack offers three individually licensable modules that focus on specific areas of the application lifecycle: TestTrack RM, which offers users tools for requirements management; TestTrack TCM, which offers tools for test case management; and TestTrack Pro, which offers tools for defect tracking and task management. These options give enterprises the flexibility to choose what tools would be most beneficial for their particular needs and also prevent them from paying additional costs for app testing tools they already employ as part of their development strategies.

With the TestTrack RM module, users are able to centralize and manage all tasks associated with their requirements initiatives from planning to reporting. Users can create and classify requirements based on the specific needs of their particular applications and can also organize and edit these requirements in a real-time environment that keeps users up to speed on the latest updates or changes. Requirements can also be saved for later use in other projects. TestTrack RM also facilitates project traceability by allowing users to link requirements with other requirements, test cases and test results in matrix format, which increases workflow and project efficiency.

Seapine TestTrack's TCM module features tools for creating and managing test cases, as well as executing manual functional, load, performance and security tests. The software's interactive library gives users the ability to organize and categorize test cases according to their needs and allows for the creation of unlimited folders, custom fields and test sets. Users can also establish variants that allow one test case to be used on multiple projects. For an additional licensing fee, Seapine Software's QA Wizard Pro can also be integrated with TestTrack TCM to provide automated app testing capabilities. Automated scripts from third-party app testing software can also be scheduled and executed from within TestTrack TCM. Project traceability features are present in the TestTrack TCM module as well.

When tests uncover unexpected results or defects, the TestTrack Pro module features tools for bug tracking and defect resolution. The software allows users to create detailed reports that include key information on the bug to help associated DevOps personnel address the issue and work toward a speedy resolution. Like TestTrack TCM, TestTrack Pro's defect library is fully customizable and offers project traceability that makes the follow-up and eventual resolution process more efficient. TestTrack Pro also integrates with QA Wizard Pro, thereby enabling the software to automatically create bug reports during test sessions without any user involvement. Additionally, TestTrack Pro offers task management tools to help organizations manage operations and ensure that all personnel involved in the application lifecycle process view and understand the project workflow from one centralized location.

Who benefits most from adopting Seapine TestTrack?

Enterprises heavily focused on application development and deployment would benefit most from using the various Seapine TestTrack modules for their testing and lifecycle management needs. The ability to license its modules individually or together as a complete offering makes the software deployable by organizations with DevOps teams with varying needs and sizes. Seapine TestTrack's interuser communication tools and focus on data centralization also make it easily deployed by teams that follow Agile or Waterfall approaches, or a combination of each.

How is Seapine TestTrack licensed and priced?

The TestTrack RM, TestTrack TCM and TestTrack Pro modules can all be purchased for individual use or together as a combined suite under the TestTrack ALM moniker. Each module and the TestTrack ALM suite can be licensed as cloud subscriptions -- priced per user per-month -- or as on-premises subscriptions -- priced either per user per month, or as a one-time, per-user fee. All cloud licenses require a minimum of 10 unique user subscriptions while there is no user minimum for on-premises licenses. A complete pricing breakdown is available from Seapine Software. A free 14-day cloud trial and free 30-day on-premises trial are available.

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