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QAComplete: QA software for complex testing environments

The latest version of SmartBear's QA software, QAComplete, offers users reporting features and new integrations to ensure collaborative test case management even in complex environments.

QAComplete from SmartBear is a test management tool that helps organize requirements and defects. It also supports testing activities, including manual, Selenium, API and other automated tests stored in one, single place. The latest version of QAComplete is 11.0 and comes with full support for Windows 10 and Edge, Microsoft's new Web browser.

The latest version of QAComplete includes a new UI and new password security features. There are new, role-based customizable dashboards as well. Previous updates include modules such as List Manager, which reports on information specific to a team's testing process while assigning specific security privileges and permissions to keep track of documents used while testing. It also incorporates improved integration with JIRA for defect and requirement management and with Rally for agile project management, and improved dashboards and project tracking.

QAComplete offers tools for complex development environments

QAComplete has worthwhile features for testing teams looking to manage tests and collaborate in a complex development environment. Test case management enables teams to plan, track and proactively manage manual, automated and API tests, along with defects and requirements in one repository to mitigate risk. It has a good set of out-of-the-box integrations, including Selenium, TestComplete, SoapUI, Rally and JIRA to name a few of the major ones. In addition, the product includes a new, more powerful RESTful API that enables testers to build integrations with their favorite tools.

To customize development methodology, teams are able to manage Agile, Waterfall or a combination of both in a single interface and can easily define custom fields and workflows.

QAComplete provides visibility into the overall testing process, enabling teams to get real-time insights into their testing state through built-in traceability across requirements, tests and defects. These teams can also manage a complex testing process by getting visibility into changes and their impact with test versioning while team productivity is improved through reuse. It lets teams repurpose automated and manual tests, data and other assets across releases and sprints.

The product supports manual tests, enabling users to import already existing ones into QAComplete. It also has out-of-the-box reports to help testers decide which manual test cases can be automated to reduce costs.

Testers can gain insights into their automated testing strategy, by combining automated functional tests with manual, exploratory and API tests, letting them avoid tedious manual steps by reusing automated tests across releases and user stories.

QAComplete facilitates informed decision making

Ultimately, QAComplete lets teams make informed decisions on their testing status and overall quality levels by incorporating end-to-end traceability reports for requirements, tests and defects, and producing reports for different tests run against any platform or environment.

QAComplete is highly customizable based on teams' needs. Teams can create workflows to match the way your Waterfall, Agile or DevOps process is set up. They can also define custom fields or change other aspects of the application supporting a particular development methodology.

QAComplete is licensed on a yearly floating subscription with licensing available either for local installation or access from the cloud. SmartBear sells QAComplete directly and through a list of business partners. An annual floating license in the cloud is priced at $599, while a locally installed floating license is $999. Support contracts and costs are included as part of the license. A free trial version is available.

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