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SAP HANA Cloud Platform: A mobile app development tool

SAP HANA Cloud Platform offers several mobile app development tools that let developers create hybrid applications using several IDEs and languages.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform offers a number of mobile app development tools for the creation of native and cross-platform (hybrid) apps for Android, iOS and Windows devices. HANA Cloud Platform is a major part of SAP' s app development line of software, which focuses heavily on rapid development to produce applications that deliver high performance and functionality despite their short implementation times. In addition to development tools, the platform provides organizations with data and storage tools, user experience tools and security tools, making it a complete offering for application lifecycle management.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform is suitable for small- and medium-sized businesses and large enterprises looking to develop wide-scale business-to-business or business-to-customer data-driven applications. The platform is suitable for use by individual developers or by development teams. It is offered as a platform as a service and can be accessed on Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems using Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Web browsers.

The platform offers several different integrated development environments (IDEs) to choose from. These various IDEs -- a mix of proprietary and third party -- give developers their choice of development language and can be found in the platform's Cockpit landing site. These IDEs are at the core of the platform's application development capabilities.

SAP Web-based Development Workbench is one of two proprietary SAP IDEs found in HANA Cloud Platform. Workbench lets developers build applications using SAP HANA XS code (which is, as SAP notes, essentially JavaScript) or SAPUI5, which is SAP' s HTML5 user interface development toolkit that offers developers a Model-View-Controller approach to app development. Workbench is best suited for creating hybrid apps that involve big data scenarios. It also features a testing function to check app functionality before deployment.

SAP Web IDE is the other proprietary SAP IDE found in HANA Cloud Platform. Web IDE lets developers build applications in HTML5 or SAPUI5. Web IDE is best suited for creating end user-oriented hybrid apps. In addition to code editing, it provides functions for prototyping, packaging and deployment, giving developers lifecycle management tools that enhance the application development process.

The final IDE accessible in HANA Cloud Platform is Eclipse, which developers can use to create apps using Java or HTML5. In order to use Eclipse, developers must download and install the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers software from the Eclipse website. Once installed, HANA Cloud Platform provides developers with an Eclipse toolkit that aids in application development. Developers also can choose to install a Java virtual machine, which helps developers quickly and easily create cross-platform apps. Eclipse is best suited for creating cross-platform apps, and can be easily used because of many developers' pre-existing understanding and wide adoption of the Java language.

HANA Cloud Platform also provides developers with access to APIs for Java and HANA XS. In addition the platform provides developers with REST APIs for application lifecycle management, authorization management and monitoring. These REST APIs make it easy for developers to build in security and performance monitoring features, both of which are important for data-centric apps. The platform also features a plug-in for Apache Maven, which is a mobile app development tool that helps developers build and manage Java-based projects.

The use of APIs is key to the creation of applications that use a single codebase and execute across various platforms. The use of a single codebase (in this case HANA XS, HTML5, Java or SAPUI5) for cross-platform development lets developers focus their efforts on building the best application possible without worrying about replicating the application multiple times for specific operating system requirements. The combined use of APIs and a single codebase translates to faster publication to places such as the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, as well as faster deployment to employees in the case of enterprise apps.

Four licensing levels of HANA Cloud Platform are available, each with various stages of functionality and features: starter, small business, enterprise and database administrator. Each offering's features and pricing can be found on SAP' s pricing breakdown. SAP offers a developer edition of the platform that is free and can be accessed by one user. HANA Cloud Platform can be integrated with a number of SAP app management services, including SAP HANA Cloud Integration, SAP Cloud Identity Service, HANA Cloud Platform Analytics and more. Access to these integration services is dependent on the users' licensing level.

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