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Seapine QA Wizard Pro streamlines automated functional testing

Using a modern integrated development environment, QA Wizard Pro from Seapine Software allows Agile teams to include functional and regression testing in their CI process.

Seapine Software Inc. offers several integrated tools for automated testing, test case management, requirements management, and other testing and application lifecycle management functions. QA Wizard Pro is an automated testing tool that provides functional and regression testing of web, Windows and Java applications, and load testing of web applications -- all in one tool. Seapine's intelligent record and playback technology allows for faster script creation and long-term maintenance. QA Wizard Pro also includes broad technology support for web applications, HTML5, .NET, Java and Windows 8.1 applications.

Most software teams try to automate all or some part of the process to get software delivered; Agile teams have a larger focus on this, and Seapine QA Wizard Pro fits in well with teams that want to include regression and functional testing in their continuous integration process. The only separate component is the optional QA Wizard Pro Server, which is used to store global application data and host a server database in a central location. The server is hosted on a computer that can be accessed over a network.

How does QA Wizard Pro perform automated testing?

Automated testing with Seapine QA Wizard Pro involves setting up and planning tests, recording, modifying and running scripts, and analyzing test results. Its modern integrated development environment provides full scripting, resource management and debugging capabilities, as well as a comprehensive library of built-in functions and statements for complex automated testing scenarios. Developers using QA Wizard Pro can design tests by using either keyword mode or Seapine's own script language, which is similar to Visual Basic. To make it easier to manage script steps, the software makes it simple to switch back and forth between these two modes.

Users can record two types of scripts for test automation: standard scripts used for functional and regression testing and load test scripts used for testing performance under load. Users can modify recorded scripts to create more flexible scripts and complex testing scenarios. In addition to recording additional steps, and modifying or deleting steps, QA Wizard Pro allows users to enhance scripts by adding statements, creating checkpoints and creating data-driven scripts.

QA Wizard Pro provides several ways to run scripts. Users can run an individual script or multiple scripts, and scripts can run from a command prompt, on a remote computer or in a batch file to perform unattended tests. During playback of standard QA Wizard Pro scripts, the tested application is compared to the information stored in the application repository. During playback of load test scripts, the web application is run under a simulated load of users.

After scripts run, QA Wizard Pro generates and saves a report that summarizes the test results. The report contains information about failed script steps, how long the script took to run and the test computer configuration. This information can be used to determine if problems exist in the application or if the script needs to be modified.

QA Wizard Pro 2015 was released in February 2015. Version 2015.1 includes load test record support for Mozilla Firefox 34 and later, along with the ability to view and edit post-data files to customize load tests. In addition, this version includes a number of new statements to help with load testing.

How does Seapine Software license and support QA Wizard Pro?

Seapine licenses QA Wizard Pro through a monthly subscription. Companies need a license for each computer on which they plan to install QA Wizard Pro. Pricing month-to-month is $30 per computer, or a 12-month advanced payment of $300 -- $25 per computer – can be made. Load testing virtual users are available as add-ons. Pricing for the add-ons begins at $25 per month for 50 virtual users. Optical character recognition support can be added on, too, for a monthly $15 extra per computer.

The company offers a free, fully functional trial version of the automation testing software that lasts for 14 days from the date of download.

Seapine provides a premium care support and maintenance contract with each subscription. Support includes Monday-through-Friday coverage from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, with unlimited email and phone support and free upgrades for all major and minor releases.

Seapine also offers several complementary products, including the TestTrack Pro defect tracking system, TestTrack Requirements Management and TestTrack Test Case Management. These integrated products are highly customizable and work well for traditional, as well as agile, ALM projects.

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