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Using Perfecto Mobile CQ Lab to simplify automated application testing

Perfecto Mobile CQ Lab provides developers and testers with interactive tools for creating and executing automated app testing tasks on various mobile and web platforms.

Perfecto Mobile Continuous Quality Lab is an automated application testing and quality assurance platform for web and mobile app testing. Rather than performing manual testing and assessment on developed mobile and web applications and their integrated features, Perfecto Mobile CQ Lab provides users with tools for establishing automated assessments that test the functionality, load and performance protocols of the application(s) in question.

What is Perfecto Mobile CQ Lab used for?

The platform by Perfecto Mobile Ltd. allows users to create, schedule and execute automated functionality, load and performance tests on native and cross-platform mobile apps developed for Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows devices, and on web applications that execute on today's most popular browsers. For developers and testers who want a more hands-on approach, the tool also offers an interactive app testing mode that allows for manual testing capabilities. For people working in regulated industries, Perfecto offers comprehensive data and access security.

Perfecto Mobile CQ Lab also offers integration with several other app testing tools and app development environments, such as Appium, Eclipse, Hewlett Packard Enterprise UFT, Jenkins, Selenium and Visual Studio. The platform supports an open API that gives developers the ability to integrate their development tools to Continuous Quality Lab.

How does Perfecto Mobile CQ Lab support automated application testing?

The platform functions using an interactive interface that lets developers and testers see and manipulate their developed mobile app on the device under test (DUT). Perfecto Mobile CQ Lab provides users with a database of functional mobile devices connected to live carrier networks that can be used individually or simultaneously to test app functionality and performance. There is no manual script writing involved when it comes to test automation in the platform. Especially useful is that CQ Lab allows users to see the test execute step by step on the device in the platform exactly as it would if it were being done on a handheld device.

Once the desired mobile (or web) app is installed onto the DUT via the platform's install widget, users navigate to the Automation tab to begin creating a new test. Any commands undertaken in Automation mode will be recorded by the platform and entered as part of the new test script. Users can incorporate text and image verification commands into the script, which will automatically dictate to Perfecto Mobile CQ Lab that the test has been successful up to that juncture and that the test can continue onto the next step. Users can also add conditions into the test based off of app- or device-specific execution parameters.

Once all testing parameters have been established, users can save the script for future use on any device and operating system. Executing the test on additional DUTs can be done with a few simple clicks, which eliminates the need to create multiple tests for apps designed with cross-platform functionality. This single scripting ability is known as Perfecto Mobile's ScriptOnce tool. Perfecto's digital test coverage optimizer can help teams better understand what coverage they currently have and where they might want to test more.

Who benefits most from using Perfecto Mobile CQ Lab?

The platform is best suited for organizations that intend to develop and launch one or more complex mobile or web applications intended for use on a variety of devices and operating systems. Perfecto Mobile Continuous Quality Lab is suitable for use by development, testing and quality assurance individuals or teams due to its range of functionality, load and performance testing tools.

How is Perfecto Mobile CQ Lab licensed and priced?

The platform is available as a cloud-based offering that can be run on today's most popular web browsers. Three editions are available, all of which can be licensed monthly or annually: Basic, Advanced and Enterprise. A comparison chart of each version's features and price is available from Perfecto Mobile. It is worth noting that only the platform's Advanced and Enterprise editions offer automated application testing capabilities. A free trial of the platform is also available.

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