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Smooth QA and test management with Silk Central

With a focus on collaboration, integration and flexibility, Micro Focus' Silk Central facilitates excellent quality assurance and test management.

Silk Central is a test management tool featuring test planning, test execution and reporting. It features collaboration through TestBook, which allows testers to collaborate on test activities among and across test teams. The keyword-driven testing feature allows testers to create test scripts based on business processes. It also provides a framework to formalize risk-based testing. Silk Central also features reporting capabilities that easily create an accurate picture of the status of testing that supports risk mitigation and quality assurance.

Silk Central is key part of Silk Portfolio

Silk Central is part of the Silk Portfolio, which includes Silk Performer for performance testing, Silk Test for functional automation and Silk Mobile for mobile testing. The Silk Portfolio provides a complete testing and quality assurance software package.  Silk Central comes with out-of-box integrations for requirements management, defect management, versioning and execution environments. With these integrations, Silk Central provides the basis of application lifecycle management (ALM).

Silk 16.5 is the most recent release and is comprised of Silk Central 16.5, Silk Performer 16.5 and Silk Test 16.5. This release includes support for Windows 10 and its new browser, Edge; enhancements to keyword testing and Silk integration; and Embrace Open Source, which adds value to open source testing.

The advantages of using Silk Central for QA software

Silk Central is a valuable tool for organizations of all sizes, including both organizations that develop software as well as organizations that test software that they have purchased. It is useful in both Agile and Waterfall methodologies and supports testing of mobile as well as Web applications.

As a test management tool, Silk Central has three main advantages. First, the collaboration features streamline test case development and execution and support the quick communication that is important in Agile methodologies. Second, when Silk Central is integrated with the Silk Portfolio, all types of testing are supported. Finally, and most important, the number of integrations with not only Micro Focus products but also with other leading vendors offers customers flexibility in creating an ALM suite.

How does Micro Focus price and license Silk Central?

Micro Focus sells Silk Portfolio directly. Licenses for Silk Central and Silk Test are sold on a perpetual concurrent user model. Silk Performer licensing is based on virtual users.  Virtual-user licenses can be purchased as perpetual, term-based or pay per use. Most of the products in the Silk Portfolio are sold on the on-premises model; however, part of Silk Performer is cloud-based.

A one-year support contract is required with the purchase of licenses; it costs approximately 21% of the concurrent license cost. The support contract includes unlimited support tickets, all hot fixes and new versions. Expanded support packages are also available with additional levels of support. The premium support package features a dedicated support engineer based at the customer's site.

Micro Focus offers customers a 45-day free trial period for Silk Central which includes the full functionality of the product. Free trial periods of between 30 to 45 days are offered for all products in the Silk Portfolio. Most include full functionality, and for those where components are not included, those components are available on request.

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