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We recently offered our readers the opportunity to blog about software quality and software testing. We've gathered a selection of content from their blogs on software quality best practices.


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We recently offered our readers the opportunity to blog about software quality and software testing. Several of you have started your own blogs and are off to a great start. If you haven't been reading our IT blogs, you're missing out on some great content. We've gathered a few selections below. Enjoy.

Software Quality Assurance

Sometimes it isn't clear when designing a new application just which of a multitude of possible approaches to the design represents the "best" approach. Sometimes it may not just be the application design, but also choosing the "right" tool to accomplish the task(s) to be executed.
Choosing the best application design approach

Any software development or quality assurance manager wants to see the maximum of software defects avoided at the earlier stages of the SDLC. I guess service engineering managers are among the happiest software managers in the world. That's because detecting FI situations is done at the feature design time. So, the process is part of the SDLC.
Software quality assurance at design time

Like other living things, software QA processes evolve over time. From its humble beginnings, test automation has undergone a similar transformation. Here's an overview.
Automated software testing: In the beginning

How are frameworks being implemented today by various QA organizations? Here's a basic summary of the types of test automation currently in use.
Types of test automation frameworks

To ensure complete coverage of software testing, testing teams must be careful about certain activities that are part of the process. If the software testing is not complete as per the business and customer requirements, it could have a severe adverse effect during or post implementation of the software at the customer site. The greater the coverage, the less chance of any bugs passing to the implementation phase.
Twenty ways to ensure complete coverage of software testing

Testing is a process of facilitating development team/project teams in improving the quality of software before it is released to the customer for use. Testers must always follow some essential steps during software testing to streamline the process. In my opinion, here are the most important checkpoints for testers during software testing.
Eight checkpoints for testers during software testing

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