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SpiraTeam offers DevOps teams enhanced test case management tools

The SpiraTeam software from Inflectra provides users with enhanced test case management tools that aid the planning, management and execution of testing tasks.

SpiraTeam from Inflectra Corp. is an all-in-one test management tool for projects associated with application development and application lifecycle management initiatives. The software enables software developers to ensure that their applications are tested and launched efficiently and with minimal functionality issues.

How does SpiraTeam enhance ordinary test case management tools?

The primary function of the SpiraTeam test management software is to collect and report the results of automated or manual functional, load, performance and security tests performed on developed applications, and to make this data easily accessible by any associated DevOps team members. This testing data can be gathered via Inflectra's SpiraTest testing software, integrations with third-party testing programs or manual input.

To enhance testing initiatives, SpiraTeam offers test planning and test case management tools that allow users to create and manage testing schedules, as well as manage, schedule, and track automated and manual test cases. The software lets users create master project schedules and visual planning boards that track changes in ongoing projects and help ensure all team members are performing their work as designated. Its requirements management tools allow users to categorize requirements based on organizational workflow, assign requirements ownership, map requirements to ensure proper functionality and view the pass or fail status of tests associated with the established requirements.

Combined with the software's manual test execution feature, these test and requirements management tools ensure that testing initiatives are covered from start to finish and that they are performed with high efficiency. And should any tests uncover a bug or defect with the apps in question, SpiraTeam has its own bug tracking tools that let users create, track and manage incident reports. There's also a JIRA integration, which is a free, data-synchronization plug-in. The issue report can be categorized by users as bugs, risks, enhancements and more, and can also be assigned to specific users based on their involvement in the testing process.

The software also lets users view a history of previous efforts by other team members to resolve the issue and provides a traceable history of the defect back to the test case to help pinpoint the root cause of the issue at hand. Having a defect reporting system integrated in the program furthers SpiraTeam's status as all-in-one test management software.

Additionally, SpiraTeam also provides users with collaboration tools that help promote effective DevOps communication. It features a built-in instant messaging system that lets users see who is logged into the system and create contact lists, as well as email integration capabilities that can be set up to notify users of project changes. It also features a web-based document system tool that lets users upload and view documents from a centralized location. To help better manage day-to-day tasks, all users are given their own personalized dashboard upon logging in to the software that presents them with information on the projects they are involved with.

Who benefits most from SpiraTeam's test case management tools?

Software developers and organizations that use application lifecycle management software and have a high priority for post-production quality assurance (QA) would find the SpiraTeam test management software helpful. Its range of test case management tools makes the software suitable for use by development, testing and QA personnel, thereby not limiting its use to one particular group in the DevOps team.

Additionally, SpiraTeam's integration capabilities with a number of third-party software testing tools, such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Unified Functional Testing and SmartBear Software's TestComplete, make it a great choice for enterprises looking to expand and enhance the software they currently employ.

How is SpiraTeam licensed and priced?

SpiraTeam is available as both cloud-hosted and on-premises software. Each offering is licensed on a tiered basis. The cloud offering allows for licenses ranging from one up to 500 users, while the on-premises version ranges from one to an unlimited number of users -- when selecting the Enterprise option. A breakdown of the licenses and their pricing is available from Inflectra. A free 30-day trial of both the cloud and the on-premises offerings is available. The cloud offering is also accessible on Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices.

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