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Telerik Test Studio: QA software for Agile and CI businesses

Continuous integration support and seamless tester and developer collaboration are key highlights of Telerik Test Studio and QA software that align perfectly with Agile businesses.

Telerik Test Studio is a software testing solution that offers automated functional Web, desktop, mobile, manual, performance, load and exploratory testing capabilities. It ships as both a standalone application and a Visual Studio plug-in, thus allowing true developer-tester collaboration in the field of test automation in a Visual Studio environment. It's easy start-up-and-use quality assurance software that helps teams implement test automation regardless of their size or development methodology used.

Who benefits most from the Telerik Test Studio?

Seamless tester and developer collaboration is a highlight of Test Studio that differentiates it from other quality assurance software products. Unlike other testing solutions that force you to use proprietary scripting languages, Test Studio testers can leverage real programming languages like C# and VB.NET. Users can pass tests over to their testing teammates or developers via source control. Telerik Test Studio supports continuous integration (CI), allowing teams to collaborate in a better way by integrating individual developer's changes into the main source code control system or repository, performing a new build, verifying the build and running automated tests against those builds. Test Studio allows users to integrate any build server -- like CruiseControl, TeamCity or the Visual Studio Build Server -- with the recorded tests and execute them seamlessly on the server.

Businesses that want to develop quality apps and are looking for strong quality assurance software should consider Test Studio. For organizations that use or are planning to implement an Agile or CI methodology, Test Studio is an especially strong choice. This is due to its exploratory testing capabilities, Visual Studio plug-in and integration with popular build servers.

What integrations does Telerik Test Studio support?

Telerik Test Studio supports integration with existing test automation solutions or with other tools that might already exist in an organization's test environment. These integrations include working with Microsoft Test Manager to associate existing tests with work items; the ability to push bug reports to Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Telerik TeamPulse or JIRA; the ability to tie-in with any build server like Microsoft Build Server, TeamCity, CruiseControl and Hudson/Jenkins; generating tests for NUnit, MbUnit, Microsoft Test or xUnit; and pushing tests and results into Hewlett Packard Enterprise Quality Center.

How does Telerik price and license its QA software?

Telerik offers Test Studio in three versions: Test Studio Web and Desktop, an automated testing solution for Web and desktop, with a plug-in for Visual Studio integration; Test Studio Ultimate, which includes Test Studio for Web and desktop, along with mobile and load with performance testing; and Test Studio Load, including the load testing Web user interface, as well as load testing Web services.

Telerik offers flexible licensing options for both downloadable and on-premises testing solutions. Test Studio Load is $79 per month or a one-time fee of $999. Test Studio Web and Desktop is $169 per month or a one-time fee of $2,499. Test Studio Ultimate is $239 per month or a one-time fee of $3,499. Telerik offers both perpetual and annual subscriptions, depending on an organization's needs and budget. The license price includes first-year support. Priority support and express remote assistance are available at an additional cost. Telerik offers a free trial version that is valid for 30 days with a full feature set.

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