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Under the hood of VersionOne's ALM platform

Simplicity and Agile project and portfolio management are the focus of this ALM platform from VersionOne.

The VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform is an application lifecycle management (ALM) platform for organizations ranging from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to large-scale enterprises. VersionOne Inc. provides support for Agile, Scrum, Kanban and hybrid methodologies, as well as the Scaled Agile Framework at all levels of the enterprise. The ALM platform is browser-based, accessible with Internet Explorer 9-11, Firefox, Chrome or Safari, and supports projects using the programming languages of C#, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. VersionOne has several core components related to each stage of the software development cycle.

VersionOne includes more than 70 out-of-the-box integrations, such as JIRA, Visual Studio and GitHub, but also allows users to customize their own with RESTful API, and Java and .NET software development kits. VersionOne's Agile portfolio management features include customizable Kanban boards and tools to map, plan and discuss projects in their early stages of development. The Roadmaps feature is designed to capture and communicate plans and updates to staff and teammates in a single visual representation. With the ability to reflect and adapt to short- and long-term plans, Roadmaps are available at every stage of the project, and their layout can be customized based on users' preferences. With TeamRoom and PlanningRoom, users can aggregate different projects and teams, as well as assign tasks, while monitoring and prioritizing sprints and document backlogs. Other project management features include flow charts and timelines.

During the testing stage, teams can use VersionOne's Quality Management, an integrated platform that allows users to schedule, run and track all tests with cross-project visibility. ClearCode integration automates and tracks changes throughout the software delivery cycle to maintain visibility and facilitate record-keeping. VersionOne offers a host of reporting options that include performance scorecards and customizable documents. A wizard-based report builder helps teams build and customize reports using project data. All reports can be shared or exported to common file types, such as .CSV and .PDF. Throughout development, VersionOne Analytics uses role-based security to ensure access policies are consistent across the VersionOne's ALM platform.

So that teams can connect at various stages of a project, VersionOne offers several communication features and interfaces with users' mobile phones. VersionOne Conversations is a social-media-style environment in which users can share status, ask questions and retrieve information. In addition, users can discuss projects in Spaces, VersionOne's forum. Mobile Connect is the platform's adapted interface for use with smartphones, and Estimably is a poker-style virtual card game that allows users to run estimation tests. In order to maintain security without limiting users' access to customer feedback, VersionOne Ideas can host discussions in a separate module. Support for spoken languages is dependent on the users' choice of Web browser and its language support.

VersionOne ALM platform available on premises or as SaaS

Available directly from VersionOne, the Enterprise Agile Platform can be purchased for on-premises use or software as a service. There are four editions available for the software, with varying support options and product functionality. The enterprise edition's licensing is based on an annual subscription or perpetual basis for $29 per user per month, including email and phone support, as well as access to community support wikis and forums. The enterprise edition supports an unlimited number of users, teams and projects. Its primary features include support for multiple teams and projects, advanced reporting and security options, custom TeamRooms and workspaces, and enhanced program management options.

The free team edition supports up to 10 users, one project and one team, and includes access to the support wikis and forums. Its primary features are release and iteration planning, story tracking, defect management, storyboards, taskboards, and testboards, acceptance test tracking, and burndown and velocity reporting.

The catalyst edition is sold in user packs of $175 for a limit of 20 users, multiple projects and one team, and includes the same support options as the free edition, plus email support. In addition to the features of the team edition, catalyst includes Kanban boards, cross-project rollups, impediment tracking, custom views and workflow, and enhanced reporting options.

The ultimate edition is $39 per user per month and includes the same unlimited access and support options as the enterprise edition, as well as additional reporting features and advanced Roadmaps, visualization, and customization tools. Visit VersionOne's website for more details and a comprehensive chart on the precise variations between all four editions and their functionality on the ALM platform.

For customers with eligible licenses, VersionOne support staff is available by phone, email and social media from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. (EST) Monday through Friday; specialists for critical issues, such as loss of system access, are available 24/7. Although any customer with any license can contact the support staff, the product license will determine the method of response and customer support staff's response time.

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