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Why choose TestCaddy as your test case management tool?

The TestCaddy test case management software provides enterprises involved in application development with tools for creating manual tests and recording and sharing their results.

TestCaddy from TestCaddy Software is a test case management tool that provides users with code coverage tools for the creation and management of manual tests and their results. TestCaddy provides app testers and other development team members with a single location for performing tests and recording their results, helping enterprises manage all of their testing tasks and improve overall project efficiency.

How does TestCaddy help simplify test case management?

TestCaddy lets developers and testers create and manage test case information from a centralized, interactive database. Multiple users can access the software and this database concurrently, which helps enterprises avoid duplicating tasks and, therefore, improve upon task management.

Because a large number of tests are generally performed and required before apps are released -- and often high volumes of source code are involved -- having a single location where testing results and associated information can be easily accessed by all associated DevOps staff helps streamline the testing process and ensure that apps are deployed with their intended functionality.

The TestCaddy database can be set up with custom dashboards based on requirements established by developers and testers. Additionally, users can set up custom fields that cover the full range of parameters required to complete that particular test case, as well as group multiple test cases together into test sets for future use. Once the test case has been created, users can then begin performing a manual test of the application in question.

The test case can then be appropriately updated step by step using either the software's WYSIWYG editor or by inputting HTML code directly in the HTML field. Each test step can be updated with its corresponding status -- fail, pass and such -- and there are provisions for including details on items such as the actual outcome versus expected outcome and the run environment of the test. Tests can also be paused and continued at any time during the testing process.

To further help with test case management, TestCaddy also automatically saves previous test-run information, so all users can see the full history of actions performed. The software features a tool for creating graphical reports on the status of individual test cases or test sets. These graphs show team-wide or personal progress reports on individual test cases.

In the likely event that one of the performed tests identifies a defect in the application, the test management software offers full integration capabilities with the JIRA Software defect-tracking system for organizations that deploy it. JIRA bug reports can be created and tracked directly from within TestCaddy and can be linked directly to their corresponding test cases. Utilizing TestCaddy in conjunction with JIRA Software further enhances the software's usefulness during app development initiatives.

Who benefits most from using TestCaddy?

Any enterprise in need of a test case management tool for their application development projects would benefit from integrating the TestCaddy test management software into its operations. It is worth noting the software is aimed more toward DevOps teams performing manual app testing as opposed to automated app testing. TestCaddy's integration capabilities with JIRA to assist with bug-tracking needs further make it a viable option for enterprises looking for a single platform to support their app testing needs.

How is TestCaddy licensed and priced?

The TestCaddy test case management tool is available as on-premises software for use on machines with Windows operating systems. Individual user licenses, as well as site licenses, are available, and a breakdown of their pricing is available from TestCaddy Software. Twelve months of support and maintenance are included with both licensing plans and can be purchased annually after the initial 12-month period. A free 30-day trial of the software is also available.

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