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Work smart with Worksoft Certify and Analyze QA software

Customers are able to use both Worksoft Analyze and Worksoft Certify QA software for processing of documents, testing and helping application lifecycle management.

Worksoft's quality assurance suite, including Worksoft Analyze and the Worksoft Certify tools, is the only requirements management, quality assurance and testing suite specifically built to support business process documentation and testing. Business process testing is critical when an organization is implementing commercial off-the-shelf packages. Through Worksoft Certify, Worksoft Analyze becomes part of a complete application lifecycle management tool with bidirectional integrations with JIRA, Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Quality Center, IBM Rational Quality Manager and SAP Solution Manager.

Worksoft Analyze streamlines business process documentation by allowing business analysts and technical staffs to capture actual business process execution, visualize the processes, and analyze variations and impact on the organization. Worksoft Certify provides all of the types of testing needed to completely automate business process testing for enterprise applications including Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Ariba, Workday, IBM Maximo, Siebel, Manhattan, TeamCenter, SuccessFactors and many others.

Worksoft Analyze generates documentation -- complete with screenshots -- as well as creates functional test automation scenarios utilizing the testing functions of Worksoft Certify. Worksoft Certify then automates business processes to create a reusable automated regression suite not only for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) implementations, but, more importantly, for the ongoing releases that must be tested on the vendor's schedule. There are several core functions to Worksoft Certify. Certify Impact automatically detects change, risk and coverage for regular SAP maintenance. Certify Data extracts and maintains data used for business process testing in Workforce Certify. Certify Business Process Procedure generates comprehensive business process documentation from Worksoft Certify business process execution. Certify Performance and Certify for Mobile support business process performance and mobile testing, and Certify Execution Manager schedules and manages the remote execution of Worksoft Certify business process validation.

How Worksoft Analyze QA software looks
Worksoft Analyze QA software being run on Google Chrome.

Worksoft Analyze is used by organizations of all sizes and industries, but is especially valuable to those who are implementing COTS and SaaS applications. It supports collaboration by having multiple workspaces in which users can interact with each other. Business processes can be captured from multiple users and connected together for end-to-end business process flows at the enterprise level. It is optimized for the Agile methodology.

Worksoft Analyze is a cloud-based product and the current version is It runs on Chrome as well as Internet Explorer. The tools can be purchased directly from the vendor or through business partners. Licensing is based on a named user model and sold on a yearly basis. There is a 30-day trial period with full functionality. Support contracts are 24/7 and various plans are available for purchase.

With Worksoft Analyze and Certify, Worksoft delivers a comprehensive approach to manage the risk and impact of testing not only initial implementations, but also the vendor-mandated recurring updates and changes to COTS and SaaS applications.

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