Software Project Tracking and Reports

  • October 31, 2018 31 Oct'18

    Electric Cloud boosts DevOps orchestration, visibility

    As enterprises increase their DevOps tooling investments, Electric Cloud aims to position itself as an orchestrator for the disparate teams and technologies within an organization.

  • October 18, 2018 18 Oct'18

    Jira update flexes cloud collaboration features

    Atlassian's Jira rework adds collaborative UI updates on the front end and ports Jira Software Cloud to AWS-based microservices on the back end.

  • April 05, 2011 05 Apr'11

    Survey Results: No longer an emerging trend, DevOps is here to stay

    Replay Solutions and HP recently collaborated on a study surveying more than 1,000 professionals about the use of the DevOps model in their organizations. This story highlights some of the key findings of the survey, including the relationship ...

  • March 07, 2011 07 Mar'11

    Get to know your business analysts

    How well do you know the business analysts in your organization? Business analysts, or BAs, fill varied roles at companies of all sizes. This career field has been expanding steadily for the past few years, as indicated by this and past Forrester ...

  • October 18, 2010 18 Oct'10

    Agile, virtualization help with long-standing challenges

    Results of's recent reader survey find interest in agile on the rise, and same three areas of ALM that are most essential: requirements management, bug tracking and project management. Integration testing and regression ...

  • May 04, 2010 04 May'10

    Beating the odds: Managing a successful software project

    In Managing the Black Hole: The executive's guide to software project risk, author Gary Gack has stated that less than one third of software projects are considered fully successful. In this interview, editor Yvette ...

  • May 04, 2010 04 May'10

    Excelling in software test conversations: STAREast speaker's communication tips

    Whether you are working remote, in a distributed agile team or speaking face-to-face, being a good software tester means being a strong communicator. At STAREast, speaker, Bob Galen's session focused on catering conversations to get points across ...

  • November 09, 2009 09 Nov'09

    ThoughtWorks Studios' Mingle captures "murmers" and "waves" around project

    Thoughtworks Studio's adds new functionality features to its software project reporting and program management tool, Mingle. Mingle 3.0 allows for multiple software tool integration including Google Wave and Tasktop Pro.

  • June 08, 2009 08 Jun'09

    Sample JavaOne 2009's new development, cloud, testing products

    A slew of third-party Java-centric products and services were announced at JavaOne 2009. This sampling of products includes a video booth tour.

  • March 02, 2009 02 Mar'09

    How Covad made the switch to a distributed agile development process

    Waterfall methodologies weren't working for Covad Communications, so the company switched its process to agile and cut costs while achieving faster project completions.