Software Security Testing and Quality Assurance

  • February 20, 2007 20 Feb'07

    Find software bugs, defects using code coverage

    Software testing is uselss if it isn't complete. Statement and branch coverage can uncover glaring problems in unexecuted blocks of code, but they often miss bugs in the logic of your code. Path coverage, however, is a more comprehensive technique ...

  • October 01, 2006 01 Oct'06

    Is software becoming more testable?

    Software testing and validation hasn't advanced much recently, although test-driven development (TDD) has made software more testable. However, one innovation, model-based testing, is making waves.

  • July 27, 2006 27 Jul'06

    VSTS and testing today, Part 3 - Are your tests test-driven?

    Test-driven development (TDD) is becoming more popular with developers. But is unit testing truly compatible with TDD? Can the VSTS tool improve the process?

  • June 30, 2006 30 Jun'06

    VSTS and testing today, Part 2 - Capabilities and plug-ins

    Integration of testing and development, test aggregation and test automation are just a few of the capabilities of VSTS. However, some don't believe these capabilities necessarily make software testing and development easier.

  • June 13, 2006 13 Jun'06

    VSTS and testing today, Part 1 - Revenge of the unit

    Unit testing is very popular among developers, and open source tools such as NUnit have aided in its adoption. Now, Microsoft's Visual Studio Team System is available to support unit testing in an integrated environment.