Software Testing and QA Fundamentals

  • January 03, 2012 03 Jan'12

    Professionalism and discipline in software development: Q&A with Bob Martin

    What is the role of QA when developers are automating more and more of the test efforts? What’s the best way to give code estimates? Software guru “Uncle Bob” Martin answers these questions in this first part of a two-part interview about his new ...

  • November 02, 2011 02 Nov'11

    Changes in the way we measure software quality

    Over the years, the way we have developed software has changed, and thus the way we measure software quality has changed. In this third of our three-part interview with Capers Jones and Olivier Bonsignour, co-authors of “The Economics of Software ...

  • November 02, 2011 02 Nov'11

    Software quality attributes and their rankings

    How much do Agile techniques, Agile methodologies, automation, certifications, and a formal QA team affect quality? In this second part of a three-part interview, we explore some of the 121 software attributes ranked by quality value.

  • November 02, 2011 02 Nov'11

    Quality metrics: The economics of software quality

    In the first of a three-part interview with co-authors Capers Jones and Olivier Bonsignour, we are introduced to their new book, “The Economics of Software Quality.” They describe “structural quality” vs. “functional quality,” along with challenges ...

  • November 18, 2010 18 Nov'10

    Agile techniques: TDD explained by author Christian Johansen -- Part 1

    'Test-Driven JavaScript Development' author Christian Johansen shares his thoughts on how to properly execute TDD in part 1 of this interview. Johansen describes TDD and compares the technique to traditional white-box unit testing and model based ...

  • November 18, 2010 18 Nov'10

    Agile techniques: Benefits of test-driven development - Part 2

    Test-Driven JavaScript Development author Christian Johansen describes the benefits and the time required as well as answering some tough questions about how to ensure the quality of the tests themselves.

  • August 03, 2010 03 Aug'10

    Gain better software testing skills: Practice what the pros preach

    CAST Conference presentation on becoming a superstar tester provides insights into ways testers can further their careers. Well-known experts Michael Bolton and Matt Heusser share thoughts on becoming a 'go-to' person and working more efficiently.

  • March 30, 2010 30 Mar'10

    Test automation: Business agility requires disposable test assets

    While test automation is hardly a new choice for software development teams, it is often scrutinized by a perceived high-level of maintenance. Despite test automation complexity and initial costs, advocates still preach that value, and streamlining ...

  • October 13, 2009 13 Oct'09

    Software consortium seeks standard quality metrics

    Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) a new company is pushing for standardization of measurement and metrics in the software industry. Director and co-founder Dr. Bill Curtis says one of the major failures of the software industry is ignorance ...

  • July 14, 2009 14 Jul'09

    Blackboard leverages Borland on the road to test automation

    Agile development updates for testing automation in Blackboard Inc.'s education software needs Borland tools for success.

  • July 06, 2009 06 Jul'09

    Configuration testing: QA pros discuss 10 things you may not know

    Application QA pros discuss the effects that changes in hardware and browsers can cause in configuration testing of products. High profile industry leaders in QA explain how small changes can largely effect how configuration testing is performed.

  • May 19, 2009 19 May'09

    Software Testing: Assessing risk and scope

    During a software project, there will always be more features to test than time you have to test them. So, how do you determine how much testing you'll do and how much risk is involved in setting limits?

  • May 15, 2009 15 May'09

    Software Testing: How to know you're ready to start testing

    In this podcast, software testing and quality assurance (QA) expert Michael Kelly gives pointers about how to know when you're ready to start testing and the critical elements of good testing processes.

  • March 31, 2009 31 Mar'09

    Creating strong QA and testing strategies in a changing world

    Software quality and testing can remain robust -- even in lean economic times -- when a clear, consistent project strategy is in place and automation is used judiciously.

  • March 09, 2009 09 Mar'09

    Why the quality assurance department should be involved in testing

    Bring the quality assurance department's many resources into the software testing process from the get-go, one expert advises, and watch common software development problems dissolve.