• November 30, 2011 30 Nov'11

    Make performance testing part of continuous integration

    "We think [performance testing] needs to be part of that continuous process," said Ajit Sancheti , co-founder of Mu Dynamics, Inc. Today Mu Dynamics announced the integration of their Blitz ...

  • November 28, 2011 28 Nov'11

    The people side of software development with Ken Howard and Barry Rogers

    One of the many perks of my job as Site Editor for SSQ is that I often get the latest books on topics related to software quality or Agile practices. These are usually technical books -- not the ...

  • November 18, 2011 18 Nov'11

    Veterans Hackday: Teams swarm to provide resources for vets

    Last week, I got an interesting email from LinkedIn which read: "On Veterans Day, 11/11/11, LinkedIn and the White House will join forces to kick off the first ever Veterans Hackday. We are looking ...

  • November 14, 2011 14 Nov'11

    Agile is a culture, not a process

    Many people think of “Agile” as a methodology such as Scrum, and compare it to a Waterfall style of software development. However, Ken Howard and Barry Rogers explain in their book that Agile is a culture, not a process. In this second part of a ...

  • November 14, 2011 14 Nov'11

    Agile Manifesto interpretations: The importance of individuals and interactions

    Couched in terms of Agile development, Howard and Rogers explore the importance of strong leadership, communication, collaboration and teamwork using techniques such as self-directed teams and DISC analysis to understand communication styles in ...

  • November 14, 2011 14 Nov'11

    What do you think of Agile?

    "We hear a lot of talk about Agile in the media. We want to hear from you: -Is Agile hype or helpful? -Do you love Agile or hate it? -Or is your team proceeding with business as usual?" So starts ...

  • November 11, 2011 11 Nov'11

    How do you measure software quality?

    Though software test experts do agree on a lot, the question of how to measure software quality is a subject of great debate. In his opening keynote at STPCon 2011, Rex Black, former president of ...

  • November 09, 2011 09 Nov'11

    Recruiters' advice to testers: Get technical!

    The days of being able to get a job as a "manual tester" are no more. According to a panel of QA recruiters at a recent Denver SQuAD meeting, employers are looking for testers who have highly ...

  • November 09, 2011 09 Nov'11

    Gorilla Logic announces automated testing tool for Android

    Recently Gorilla Logic announced the release of their newest automated testing tool, FoneMonkey for Android. I spoke with Stu Stern, Gorilla Logic CEO, about this new tool, and he explained the ...

  • November 02, 2011 02 Nov'11

    Changes in the way we measure software quality

    Over the years, the way we have developed software has changed, and thus the way we measure software quality has changed. In this third of our three-part interview with Capers Jones and Olivier Bonsignour, co-authors of “The Economics of Software ...

  • November 02, 2011 02 Nov'11

    Software quality attributes and their rankings

    How much do Agile techniques, Agile methodologies, automation, certifications, and a formal QA team affect quality? In this second part of a three-part interview, we explore some of the 121 software attributes ranked by quality value.

  • November 02, 2011 02 Nov'11

    Quality metrics: The economics of software quality

    In the first of a three-part interview with co-authors Capers Jones and Olivier Bonsignour, we are introduced to their new book, “The Economics of Software Quality.” They describe “structural quality” vs. “functional quality,” along with challenges ...

  • October 27, 2011 27 Oct'11

    Software Test Professionals Conference (STPCon) coverage

    You know how when you go on a cruise you feel stuffed from all that delicious food that's served around the clock? Well, that's sort of how my brain feels at the end of a conference: happy and ...

  • October 26, 2011 26 Oct'11

    Catherine Powell on testers' personality types

    Catherine Powell of Abakus is another SSQ contributor who I had the pleasure of meeting in person here at STPCon in Dallas. Catherine led an Open Jam session, an interactive learning event in which ...

  • October 25, 2011 25 Oct'11

    STPCon: The tester's role on an Agile team

    We hear a lot about teams transitioning to Agile, but what does this mean for the tester? Robert Walsh of Excalibur Solutions presented, "Adapting Conventional Testing Strategies for an Agile ...