• June 14, 2010 14 Jun'10

    Sign up to participate in an Agile innovation game

    There is a growing interest in agile; but other than a short certification class, it might be hard for people to gain necessary skills and experience to become successful, particularly if their ...

  • June 11, 2010 11 Jun'10

    IBM Innovate: IBMers give their impressions of the conference

    Over the past week, I've been blogging about some of the highlights I've experienced while attending the IBM Innovate conference. The conference presented  opportunities to both learn and play and ...

  • June 11, 2010 11 Jun'10

    IBM Innovate: End of life for the waterfall methodology?

    Innovate 2010 wrapped up today with a keynote from Walker Royce focusing on “econometrics that are core to continuous improvement.” Royce’s message was clearly one of “breakthrough agility,” ...

  • June 10, 2010 10 Jun'10

    IBM Innovate: Dean Kamen inspires crowd to give back to community

    Though there have been many great speakers at the IBM Innovate conference this week, I'd give Dean Kamen, who spoke at this morning's keynote, the prize for being the most inspirational. Kamen is ...

  • June 09, 2010 09 Jun'10

    Grady Booch: Cloud computing is like virtualization on steroids

    Grady Booch's title at IBM is Chief Scientist of Software Engineering which, he says, "basically means I get to do what I feel like doing with software engineering."  IBM acquired Rational Software ...

  • June 09, 2010 09 Jun'10

    IBM Innovate: Plans for "smart city" Babcock Ranch

    The theme of IBM's Innovate 2010 conference has been "building a smarter planet."  Building a smarter planet starts with building a smarter city - literally! Plans are underway to build the world's ...

  • June 09, 2010 09 Jun'10

    Scott Ambler at IBM Innovate: Scaling in Agile

    We spoke with Scott Ambler last week about his thoughts on organizational acceptance of agile.  Today, I was able to speak with him again, this time, in person, at the IBM Innovate 2010 conference. ...

  • June 09, 2010 09 Jun'10

    Innovate 2010 Keynote: Software defines success of every business

    Wow! Innovate 2010 opened up with entertainment from Natually 7 and several speakers who inspired the audience of approximately 4000 people, to take innovation seriously. Author of Gadget ...

  • June 08, 2010 08 Jun'10

    Jack Danahy at IBM Innovate: Changes in AppScan part of Secure by Design announcement

    IBM Innovate has given me all kinds of opportunities to speak with IBM's top execs and hear the latest news and announcements in their Rational product line. I spoke today with Jack Danahy, ...

  • June 07, 2010 07 Jun'10

    Mainsoft announces Social Connector for Rational Team Concert

    Collaboration and social networking tools are growing by leaps and bounds, moving beyond social applications and into the business world. Mainsoft's Social Connector product, announced June 7th in ...

  • June 07, 2010 07 Jun'10

    IBM Innovate 2010 off to a festive start

    Innovate 2010 began today with a welcome reception for the expected 4000 attendees. The packed ballroom included a live band, karaoke, plenty of food, drinks and people. I spoke with several of the ...

  • June 07, 2010 07 Jun'10

    Exploring Kanban, agile development's new rising star

    I've heard a lot of buzz about Kanban, a concept related to lean, recently.  At the agile ALM conference I attended last month there was a lot of talk about lean methodologies, and Kanban has been ...

  • June 02, 2010 02 Jun'10

    Who are the core vendors in ALM?

    According to Theresa Lanowitz, founder of IT analyst firm voke inc., the core vendors in the Application Lifecycle Management market are HP, IBM, Microsoft and MKS. That's not to say there aren't ...

  • June 02, 2010 02 Jun'10

    Expanded focus at IBM Innovate 2010; ALM, Rational and Jazz

    For 2010, IBM is planning to expand its Innovate conference focus beyond its Rational suite of software products in an effort improve business systems from within. ALM tooling and products built on the Jazz platform will also be represented this ...

  • June 01, 2010 01 Jun'10

    QA teams are moving testing to the cloud, conquering internal limitations

    Early adopters of virtual application test labs in the cloud say this new approach has made testing much more efficient. A QA manager at Ellie Mae says he finally feels in control of his test lab while another at JetBlue is looking at HP's new ...