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Brief: Parasoft C++test extends automated unit testing to embedded systems environment

Parasoft Corp. recently released Parasoft C++test 6.7, an automated unit testing and code analysis tool suite designed to help software engineers prevent software errors as they develop.

Parasoft Corp. recently released Parasoft C++test 6.7, an automated unit testing and code analysis tool suite designed...

to help software engineers prevent the occurrence of software errors as they develop.

C++test 6.7 extends the product's ability to find and resolve critical software errors in C/C++ code by providing enhancements that allow automatically generated or user-defined unit test cases to be executed on embedded devices or simulators to test and validate software in embedded systems environments.

The tool suite now gives software development organizations developing software for embedded systems the ability to automatically generate unit tests for the systematic testing and validation of their software on both host and target devices. Unit tests generated by C++test can be cross-compiled for execution on any embedded device or simulator with test results being fed directly back into the C++test for analysis and validation thru the C++test graphical user interface. Validated test cases can be easily saved and reused as libraries of regression test suites creating a comprehensive, repeatable software test process for embedded systems development teams.

The new capabilities of C++test 6.7 additionally support unit testing for cross-platform development efforts. Developers building applications that will execute on many platforms can use the tool to unit test their code on one platform (e.g. Linux) and reuse those test cases for unit testing on the additional platforms their application is targeted to run on. This ability to leverage unit testing across platforms allows the broad and consistent application of unit testing without significant impact to development resources.

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