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Detect application tampering with new PreEmptive tool

PreEmptive Solutions new SO-Signal product detects tampering of any .NET application and notifies customers via a managed service.

PreEmptive Solutions, which brought us the obfuscation tool Dotfuscator, has extended that tool's capabilities to help detect application tampering.

SO-Signal allows any .NET application to self-diagnose tampering and to communicate that information to users via a managed service. It provides near-time detection if an application is tampered with, acting much like a smoke detector, said Sebastian Holst, senior vice president of sales and marketing at PreEmptive.

"It sends a signal, and we provide a service and notify customers," he said.

Holst added that information sent via the signal is hashed so it is impossible to extract the information.

Recognizing that programmers already have a lot on their plates, Holst said SO-Signal doesn't require any programming. The tool is activated through the use of customer attributes and patented instrumentation technology. Programmers will have it as part of their development process.

SO-Signal has opt-in and subscription models that enable both application publishers and consumers to monitor and manage many of the risks associated with today's complex runtime environments.

"We're reinforcing the software development life cycle," Holst said. "We have no intention of trying to recreate a monitoring console. We're trying to tie in as closely as we can with operations management so [development and operations management] have a vested interest in working together."

SO-Signal is also tightly integrated with Visual Studio and the next release of Microsoft's Operations Manager, further leveraging the infrastructure and best practices of both the development and operations management groups.

The product is available now to any licensed Dotfuscator user, including those using the Community Edition distributed by Visual Studio. Subscriptions to the runtime information and the tamper notification service start at $900 per named user per year.

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