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McCabe Software enhances software quality management suite

McCabe IQ Developers Edition, Test Team Edition and Enterprise Edition target key groups within the development life cycle, helping companies release high quality software.

McCabe Software announced the release of McCabe IQ Developers Edition, Test Team Edition and Enterprise Edition. McCabe IQ's code complexity analysis and visualization, coupled with its advanced test coverage technology and enterprise reporting, allows development and test teams to release the best possible software.

"Our new McCabe IQ Editions are targeted at key groups within the application development process and have been tailored to suit their specific needs," said Dale Brenneman, McCabe Software's vice president of software quality solutions, in a statement.

McCabe IQ Developers Edition objectively measures software application quality and visualizes the architecture, highlighting the most complex areas of the code base. This enables development organizations to make intelligent decisions about resource allocation and critical development paths.

The Developers Edition is equipped with more than 125 metrics, it aids code review, it analyzes change in ongoing development, and it is invaluable in reengineering (refactoring) legacy applications. Based on consistent and positive demands, the Developers Edition also now includes module comparison, data dictionary and change analysis functionality.

McCabe IQ Test Team Edition provides comprehensive and stringent test coverage technologies including McCabe Cyclomatic path, MCDC (Boolean), branch, lines of code and many more. This Edition does more than provide a simple lines of code or branch coverage number; it shows precisely what areas/test paths of the application have (and have not) been tested. The Test Team Edition also now provides a full data dictionary and incorporates functionality to locate redundant code (to decrease testing and maintenance efforts), track and analyze code containing a specified data set, and indicate whether changed modules have been tested.

McCabe Enterprise Edition delivers all the functionality of the Developers and Test Team Editions. In addition, it provides the robust enterprise reporting that is important to senior management. Secure Web-enabled test data collection is also a new built-in feature of the Enterprise Edition.

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