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SOASTA Concerto testing service ensures quality Web applications

SOASTA's new Web testing service has easy-to-use visual editors that help software testers increase their productivity and improve testing quality.

What if you could be assured of the quality, compliance and performance of your Web services and Web applications? That is the vision behind SOASTA Concerto, a new Web testing service from SOASTA.

SOASTA Concerto is composed of task-specific visual editors that allow testers to quickly and easily create messages, combine those messages into unit tests, place tests on a timeline-based "mixing board" and play them against any Web service target to run the test. Message timing and sequence is easy to configure, and tests can be captured and edited within the SOASTA Concerto editor. SOASTA's visual approach enables faster, more flexible and reliable Web testing and increases the productivity of the entire testing team, the company said.

SOASTA Concerto is a browser-based service that allows technical and non-technical users to easily test complex Web services and applications in hours --instead of weeks or months -- at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. The product supports unit, functional, load, performance and regression testing and ensures Web-based services and applications perform the functions that they were designed to perform in a high quality, reliable manner.

Key benefits of SOASTA Concerto:

Increased Productivity: SOASTA Concerto delivers a 100X productivity advantage over competitive offerings, requiring less time, less technical expertise and human resources, thereby accelerating time to market.

Easy-to-use: SOASTA Concerto's unique visual environment is faster and more intuitive. Users can easily create and run tests within minutes, find and fix errors in real-time and collaborate and reuse test scenarios across the testing team.

Improved Testing Quality: SOASTA Concerto handles all of the organizational complexity of testing. Applications are continually tested and retested to ensure high-quality, successful deployment.

Scalable: SOASTA Concerto supports complex testing scenarios -- whether tests containing thousands of messages or the testing of diverse, third-party applications and services.

Cost-effective: SOASTA Concerto's Testing as a Service model allows for a low cost of entry where users pay only for what they use. Organizations are relieved of the burden of learning and setting up a complex testing environment, and they are able to immediately start building real-world test scenarios.

SOASTA Concerto is currently in beta and will be generally available in March 2007. It will be offered as a hosted service and on a subscription basis for in-house use.

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