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Borland testing, quality management products enhanced

Borland Software announced new capabilities across its Silk line of integrated testing and quality management products, core components of its Lifecycle Quality Management (LQM) solution.

Borland Software Corp. announced new capabilities across its Silk line of integrated testing and quality management products, core components of Borland's Lifecycle Quality Management (LQM) solution. The enhanced offerings help customers streamline manual testing processes and extend performance test management and automated functional testing to the latest development environments.

The new capabilities include the following:

Borland SilkCentral Test Manager -- New, Eclipse-based testing capability streamlines the manual testing process and automatically captures results in centralized console; new "test-to-code" impact analysis capability improves test prioritization and maintenance.

Borland SilkPerformer -- Java Management Extensions (JMX) monitoring improves diagnostics of Java server performance and new support for the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) brings performance test management to Java developers.

Borland SilkTest -- Support for new environments, including Microsoft Windows Vista, allows customers to build and test with the latest enterprise technologies.

Manual testing streamlined

Manual testing can account for nearly 85% of testing efforts, but it is often an ad hoc and inefficient process driven by Word documents and email. Borland helps quality assurance teams streamline the manual testing process with the introduction of a new, manual testing capability added to SilkCentral Test Manager. The capability is delivered through an Eclipse-based application that guides testers through the manual testing process -- whether online or offline -- capturing the results and automatically syncing back to a centralized console where they can be integrated, managed and tracked along with other test results.

Test-to-code impact analysis added to test management

The ability to identify what tests to run or modify when software code changes is a common testing challenge. The latest release of SilkCental Test Manager addresses this challenge by providing software engineers with the ability to visualize the direct relationships between lines of software code and software tests. This new "test-to-code" impact analysis capability improves test prioritization by confirming that tests are covering the most critical functionality. Maintenance is also improved by enabling test engineers to effectively identify what tests need to be modified or created when software code changes.

Architected for open ALM

Additional enhancements to Borland's LQM products are focused on a holistic and open approach to application quality, leveraging existing processes, in any environment, with integration to other application lifecycle management (ALM) products -- both in-house and third-party. For example, SilkCentral Test Manager now ships with integrated support for the new Borland Gauntlet product, allowing visibility and control of early-stage developer testing from a single test management console, and the latest release of Borland SilkPerformer offers greatly improved Java Server performance diagnostics with the introduction of JMX monitoring. New technology support also includes an Eclipse plug-in enabling performance test scripting in the Java IDE.

Borland SilkTest also now delivers UI testing for Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows XP 64 Bit operating systems, Internet Explorer 7 and .NET, providing customers with the ability to build, test and deliver applications leveraging these new and popular environments.

Borland SilkCentral Test Manager, SilkPerformer and SilkTest are available today. For more information on Borland's LQM solution, please visit Borland's Web site.

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