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Free software management system from Artifact

Artifact's Lighthouse Pro software management system includes all of the capabilities needed to manage, monitor and measure software development projects.

Artifact Software Inc. yesterday introduced the first completely free, fully functional system for managing software development projects.

Artifact's Lighthouse brings all software project data into a single system so software teams can quickly and easily discover the hidden and obscure issues, bugs and mistakes that frequently doom software projects. Lighthouse replaces disconnected silos of information with a single unified system, so critical issues such as schedules, budgets, quality, scope, productivity and resource utilization can be managed, monitored and measured in real-time.

"Software is perhaps the single most pervasive medium in the world today," Artifact CEO, Mark Wesker said. "Yet, despite our dependency on software, we still see alarmingly high rates of software projects failing to meet budget, schedule, scope and quality goals. If we're going to accelerate speed and quality in the software industry while keeping costs in check, we need more professional management tools and systems, similar to those used in sales, finance and HR."

Artifact's free version, Lighthouse Pro, includes all of the key capabilities needed to manage, monitor and measure software projects. It includes task management, requirements management, resource management, project planning, time sheets, test management, defect tracking, issue tracking, change requests, document management, workflow, alerts, role-based security, reports and dashboards and much more.

Artifact offers a fully customizable and extensible version of its product called Lighthouse Premium, which is available as a paid subscription service.

One of the biggest benefits of Lighthouse is its ability to facilitate reliable and accurate communication among increasingly distributed and outsourced teams. RDA Corp., a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with offices across the U.S., uses Lighthouse to improve client satisfaction. Tom Cole, president of RDA said, "There is always a variance among the people involved in building software. Until communication is clear, building software is risky to both the client and service provider. Lighthouse provides the objective clarity and consistency I need to make business decisions."

With software development, each day of delay, each bug, each feature mistake has huge financial and credibility implications. "So many problems in software development are avoidable, but those charged with managing the process have been stuck using disconnected and outdated tools. Compiling the information needed to identify cost, schedule, quality, scope, productivity and utilization risks is virtually impossible. Lighthouse eliminates that bottleneck," Wesker said.

Read more about Lighthouse or start using for free now at the Artifact's Web site.

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