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Ajax, rich Internet application testing suite launched by Parasoft

Parasoft today released Parasoft WebKing 6.0, an automated Web testing suite that provides comprehensive testing and analysis of complex Ajax and rich Internet applications (RIA).

Parasoft today released Parasoft WebKing 6.0, an automated Web testing suite that provides comprehensive testing...

and analysis of Web sites and Web applications.

Parasoft WebKing 6.0 determines where errors are introduced in complex Ajax and rich Internet applications (RIA), such as Google Maps, through a divide and conquer approach. Parasoft WebKing now determines if your errors are a result of problems introduced on the client or server side by generating noiseless reusable test cases. This improves productivity by eliminating the pain of rewriting scripts as Web applications evolve.

JavaScript is commonly difficult to debug, yet crucial in the creation of Ajax applications. As Parasoft WebKing 6.0 automatically detects errors that are often not exposed until runtime, users can now find and correct issues at an earlier stage in the software development life cycle. Parasoft WebKing 6.0 also prevents flaws from reaching the code with policy creation and enforcement for corporate governance and solution consistency.

In addition, Parasoft WebKing 6.0 generates JUnit tests that use an Ajax-enabled library. This helps to facilitate collaboration between development and QA in short or nonexistent release cycles, significantly reducing the rework loop.

Parasoft WebKing 6.0 is available for Windows, Linux and Solaris. To learn more about the testing suite, visit Parasoft's Web site.

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