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Switch application security tools, receive credit for Cenzic product

Cenzic is offering up to $20,000 credit to switch to a Cenzic product from a competing application security product from SPI Dynamics, Watchfire or WhiteHat.

In an attempt to attract new customers, Cenzic is offering up to $20,000 credit to switch from application security products from SPI Dynamics, Watchfire or WhiteHat Security to a Cenzic product.

How the program works
During the free trial of any Cenzic product, such as Cenzic Hailstorm ARC and ClickToSecure, the company pledges to find 20% more vulnerabilities and 20% fewer false positives on any application previously secured by a product from SPI Dynamics, Watchfire or WhiteHat.

If the Cenzic product meets that goal, the user will get a credit based on 50% off the original amount spent with Watchfire, SPI Dynamics or WhiteHat towards any Cenzic solution up to $20,000.

If the Cenzic product fails to meet that goal, Cenzic will offer a free one-year user license for a Cenzic security product.

This offer is good until May 31, 2007, for current SPI Dynamics, WatchFire or WhiteHat application security customers. Visit Cenzic's Web site for campaign terms and conditions.

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