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Serena enhances ALM offering with PPM application

Serena Software introduces Serena Mariner, the first Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) offering to integrate Project and Portfolio Management (PPM). The new product gives IT executives a dashboard view into all application development work.

Serena Software Inc. today introduced Serena Mariner, the industry's first solution to integrate Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) into a single Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) offering. By integrating Mariner with Serena Dimensions and Serena TeamTrack, IT executives can make better decisions and manage their application portfolio like a business -- from initial project proposal to application retirement.

Nathan Rawlins, senior director of product marketing at Serena, said most organizations today know they have to do certain things, but they don't know where the money is going. That makes it virtually impossible for them to stop doing wasteful things and start doing things that are more important, he said.

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Serena is attempting to alleviate that by giving IT executives a dashboard view of what's going on. By integrating PPM into a single ALM offering, Serena combines traditional PPM metrics, such as project costs and resource availability, with software development metrics, such as requirements met or defects open. This yields information that IT managers and executives can use to make better portfolio decisions and focus critical IT resources on higher-priority projects.

"By integrating the ALM with the PPM application, the organization can have accurate visibility into what's going on at any given time," Rawlins said. "The bottom line is it can help the business make more money and drive down cost."

Benefits of Serena's approach:

  • Focus application development resources on high-priority projects: IT decision makers and application development managers have visibility into all application development work, making it easier to minimize the costs of maintenance work and assign the right resources to projects that deliver the most business value.
  • Deliver projects on-time, on-budget and on-value: Complete visibility into the product lifecycle ensures that IT organizations can manage projects with an eye toward costs, timelines and business requirements. Serena's integrated PPM offering for ALM provides visibility into targeted requirements and met requirements throughout the entire project lifecycle, ensuring that IT delivers what the business needs.
  • Ensure alignment between business and application development: The integration of PPM with ALM lets customers control not just the "what" and "how" but also the "why, when and who" of IT project management. Data no longer has to be manually collected from disparate systems, nor is it rolled up by hand and reported after the fact. Gathered from distributed sources and teams, data delivered to executives is both up-to-date and unfiltered for accurate status of projects and resources. The result is better decision-making, less rework, faster time-to-market, and final results that deliver expected project value.

Serena Mariner 6.2, available now worldwide, starts at $75,000. For more information, visit Serena Software's Web site.

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