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Product news from Blueprint, Codefast, Strangeloop and PreEmptive

In this product update report, learn how Blueprint has overhauled the Profesy requirements tool, Codefast has teamed with Borland, Strangeloop Networks has announced tools that speed dynamic Web applications, and PreEmptive Solutions has released Dotfuscator 4.1.

In this product update report, learn how Blueprint has overhauled the Profesy requirements tool, Codefast has teamed with Borland, Strangeloop Networks has announced tools that speed dynamic Web applications, and PreEmptive Solutions has released Dotfuscator 4.1.

Requirements management tool focuses on visual simulation
Blueprint has released an overhauled version of its Profesy requirements definition, visualization and validation tool called Blueprint Requirements Center 2007. Among other new features, tool has been revised to work with Web 2.0 technologies such as service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Ajax.

The Ontario-based SDLC solutions vendor, formerly Sofea Inc., released Blueprint Requirements Center 2007 as an outgrowth of the company's Profesy tool line. That tool's hallmark feature, automatic generation of rich visual simulations, has been enhanced in the Blueprint Requirements Center 2007. Customer Bill Murray, business analysis and QA manager of Canadian student loan bureau EDULINX, is particularly fond of this feature.

"Our business analysts gather information for use cases, enter the information into the tool and turn the laptop around" for the client to see the mockup screen, he said. "The client can instantly see whether you've 'gotten it' or not."

According to Murray, this instant feedback significantly reduces rework as business analysts catch problems much earlier in the development process.

There are three different versions of Blueprint Requirements Center 2007. Analyst, Developer and Tester are designed to assist different players in the development life cycle. Additionally, Blueprint will be offering a free extension of its tool in July called Blueprint Reader. The aim of Blueprint Reader is to foster communication among users, allowing for the sharing of simulations and models.

Blueprint formally entered the U.S. market this past May. Current customers using the Profesy product line receive an upgrade to the Requirements Center 2007 as part of their maintenance agreement. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

Codefast teams with Borland to provide CIT solution
Codefast Inc., a provider of next-generation build automation and management solutions for development organizations, has teamed with Borland Software Corp. The partnership with the application lifecycle management provider allows Codefast's PerfectBuild to be integrated with Borland Gauntlet to create a scalable "Push Button" Continuous Integration and Testing (CIT) solution for developers and development managers that Borland will resell through its sales force and reseller network.

PerfectBuild's scalable pattern-driven build automation and management solution lets developers easily replace inflexible and inadequate build applications. PerfectBuild's "Push Button" application is easily operated, modified and maintained.

Borland Gauntlet is a continuous integration and code coverage tool that enables development managers to automate and enforce CIT processes for improved quality, visibility and time-to-market. Gauntlet enables development organizations to automatically capture and correlate results in an embedded data mart and report on key metrics and trends to support both real-time development feedback and longer-term management decision-making.

Together, Codefast PerfectBuild and Borland Gauntlet provide a single, enterprise-ready solution for CIT that is scalable, easy-to-use, and that can address the needs of both development and management.

For more information, visit Codefast's Web site.

Strangeloop Networks appliance accelerates dynamic Web applications
Strangeloop Networks recently introduced the Strangeloop AppScaler family -- the industry's first framework-specific appliances for accelerating dynamic Web applications without changes to software coding or hardware infrastructure.

The company said that with the Strangeloop AppScaler appliance companies can boost the performance and scalability of Microsoft ASP.NET/Ajax-based applications tenfold, reduce bandwidth costs by up to 80%, free developers from costly application tuning and deliver new features and applications faster and at lower cost.

The Strangeloop AppScaler frees companies from the application-tuning cycle and allows them to deliver new features and performance without sacrificing one for the other. It's a plug-and-play appliance that is deployed "in line" between a company's Web servers and the load balancer; no changes are required to other infrastructure or the applications to be accelerated.

For more information, visit Strangeloop Networks' Web site.

Dotfuscator Professional 4.1 improves source code protection
PreEmptive Solutions, a leading obfuscation provider for both .NET and Java, announced the immediate availability of Dotfuscator 4.1. Features new in Dotfuscator 4.1 include real-time tamper response, smart incremental obfuscation and enhanced obfuscation. For more information, visit PreEmptive's Web site.

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