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ThoughtWorks releases the CruiseControl continuous integration framework for large organizations

CruiseControl, a continuous integration framework from ThoughtWorks, has been enhanced for IT departments and software teams in large organizations. New features include an enhance interface and executive-level program management dashboard.

ThoughtWorks, a global IT consultancy, recently released CruiseControl Enterprise, a major update to CruiseControl, the industry standard continuous integration framework.

CruiseControl, widely used in Agile development, accelerates predictable, reliable delivery of software applications. An international ThoughtWorks Studios team has spent the last four months developing the major new components of the latest release.

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Aimed at IT departments and software teams within large organizations, CruiseControl Enterprise includes a major refresh of the user Web interface, with added usability for observing current and past builds. It also introduces an executive-level program-management dashboard that offers meaningful "blink" reporting at the highest level.

Open sourced by ThoughtWorks in 2001, CruiseControl integrates with over 50 build and configuration management tools and includes plug-ins for email notification, Ant, and various source-control tools. CruiseControl is free to use under a BSD-style license.

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