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TotalView Debugger enhanced to support additional platforms

The recently released TotalView Debugger 8.2 now includes support for the SiCortex supercomputer, the Cray XT4 platform, Fedora Core 6, Mac OS X Leopard and Ubuntu.

TotalView Technologies, provider of scaleable debugging and analysis software solutions for multi-core computing, recently announced the availability of TotalView Debugger 8.2. This updated version of TotalView provides new features and support for important new platforms, allowing a greater range of users to benefit from the product's capabilities.

TotalView is a comprehensive source code and optional memory debugging solution that simplifyies the process of debugging data-intensive, multi-process, multi-threaded or network-distributed applications.

TotalView Debugger supports mixed environments, including mixed parallel paradigms (Open MP and MPI) and mixed languages (Fortran 90 and C++, for example) in one debugging session, and mixed versions of compilers in one session. TotalView supports over 2,500 compiler variations and countless combinations of parallel programming paradigms and compilers.

New features of TotalView 8.2 include the following:

  • SiCortex Support
    SiCortex delivers ultra-low power, high-performance Linux computers for the HPC market. TotalView will now support debugging parallel applications on the new SiCortex supercomputer.
  • Cray XT4 Support and APLs Integration
    The Cray XT4 is the latest generation massively parallel processor system from Cray. TotalView will support the Cray XT4 platform and provide support and documentation of support for the Cray job launcher used in the XT4.
  • Fedora Core 6 Support
    Fedora Core 6, the community-supported Linux distribution, adds support for Intel-based Macs, in addition to the previously supported x86, x86-64 and PowerPC chip architectures.
  • Expanded Mac Support: Preliminary Mac OS X Leopard Support, 64-bit Mac-Intel Support and Mac Universal Binaries Support
    Mac OS X Leopard is the sixth major release of the Mac operating system. Leopard includes new technologies that take advantage of the latest developments in processor hardware with full native 64-bit support to enable applications to take complete advantage of 64-bit processing while running with existing 32-bit Mac OS X applications, along with drivers and easy multi-core optimization and scheduling to take advantage of the latest Intel hardware. TotalView 8.2 has been engineered to support the Mac OS X Leopard operating system, as well as debugging binaries that are Power/Intel-32/Intel-64, all combined into one executable.
  • Ubuntu Support
    Ubuntu is a community-developed Linux-based operating system for the desktop, laptop, thin client and server. TotalView will support applications developed on this new platform.
  • Fortran Parameter Display
    TotalView will be able to display the value of Fortran parameters, which can be used like variables in expressions but could not previously be examined within the debugger.
  • Source Code Hot-Scrolling
    TotalView 8.2 offers an improved Source Code window that allows users to more easily scan through code looking for recognizable objects.

For more information, visit TotalView Technolgies' Web site.

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