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Borland and VMware team up for virtual software testing

Virtual software testing gets a boost from the integration of Borland's Test Manager and VMware's Lab Manager.

Software testing in virtual environments is becoming a popular among companies who see it as a time and money-saving alternative to physical testing. In order to cater to this growing market, Borland Software Corp. and VMware have integrated two of their popular products, Borland's SilkCentral Test Manager and VMware Lab Manager.

This integration, the companies claim, will allow customers to seamlessly utilize Test Manager 2007 in the virtual test environments created with VMware Lab Manager 2.5. Virtualization shortens the software development life cycle because it obviates the time-consuming creation of physical lab environments. Companies are then free, the reasoning goes, to test their products comprehensively in this virtual environment. According to the companies, Borland and VMware have streamlined the virtualization process and are the first to provide UI-level integration.

Silk Central Test Manager 2007 pricing starts at $1,700 per seat license for named users and will be available in the third quarter of 2007. Lab Manager 2.5 pricing begins at $15,000. For more information, visit Borland's SilkCentral Test Manager site.

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