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dynaTRACE upgrades software performance management tool

dynaTRACE Diagnostics has released an upgraded version of its flagship product. Version 2.1 has several new features, including support for security measures.

Software performance management tool dynaTRACE Diagnostics has been updated with new features. Version 2.1 offers greater support for security standards and enterprise application technologies. dynaTRACE has also made three more product editions available to customers.

Security protocols, such as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), are supported in this latest version, providing authentication options to users. Additionally, version 2.1 supports the Unicode system, the .NET 3.0 framework and other technologies. Monitoring has been enhanced, with fewer "blackout' times.

dynaTRACE has added more product editions -- Workstation, Professional and Enterprise. These editions are tailored to different use cases.

For more information, visit dynaTRACE's Web site.

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