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PreEmptive announces new obfuscation product, support for Silverlight

PreEmptive Solutions recently announced Dotfuscator Gold, the first comprehensive obfuscation and instrumentation platform that protects, analyzes and monetizes .NET applications. It also announced support for Microsoft Silverlight 1.1 alpha.

PreEmptive Solutions recently announced Dotfuscator Gold, the newest member of the Dotfuscator product family....

Dotfuscator Gold is the first comprehensive obfuscation and instrumentation platform that protects, analyzes and monetizes .NET applications, according to the company. Instrumentation is the highly specialized technique of injecting code into compiled executables to improve security, optimize performance and increase functionality without the cost and complexity of additional programming.

A major component of Dotfuscator Gold is the inclusion of Microsoft Software License and Protection Services (SLP Services). SLP Services includes powerful licensing, activation and code protection services offering application developers a means to effectively protect and monetize their applications.

In addition to including Microsoft SLP Services, Dotfuscator Gold enables application owners to inject tamper detection, defense and notification services as well as application analytics that provide near real-time visibility into application adoption, feature usage and user behavior.

Specifically, Dotfuscator Gold includes the following:

  • Patented enterprise obfuscation technologies
  • Microsoft SLP Standard Online Services to enable rapid deployment and monetization of .NET applications utilizing code transformation, strong activation, and flexible licensing technologies and services.
  • Dotfuscator Gold code cartridges that inject (instrument)
  • Application tamper detection, defense and notification services
  • Application analytics to provide near real-time views into adoption, usage and behavior
  • Microsoft Software License and Protection API's to enable powerful licensing business models without programming
  • Application watermarking to track applications
  • Compacting and linking functionality to shrink and consolidate components for easier distribution and improved reliability

Dotfuscator Gold will be generally available with the launch of Microsoft SLP Services. Pricing for the complete solution platform starts at $25,000 USD.

Dotfuscator professional support for Microsoft Silverlight 1.1 alpha
PreEmptive also announced that Dotfuscator Professional 4.1 supports obfuscation of Microsoft Silverlight applications. Silverlight developers now have the same patented protection against reverse engineering that the mainstream .NET development community has enjoyed since Dotfuscator shipped with Visual Studio 2003.

A core component of Microsoft's overall strategy for the Web, Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of .NET-based media experiences and rich interactive applications.

Reverse engineering of managed code (including both .NET and Java) is a common practice and the associated risks are well understood. Because Silverlight 1.1 alpha applications run within an optimized .NET runtime, obfuscation should be used to protect Intellectual Property inside Silverlight applications and to prevent tampered Silverlight applications from being used to simulate, or interfere with web-based applications.

The Silverlight .NET runtime is optimized for the Web; therefore, to ensure quality and portability, obfuscated Silverlight applications must be 100% standard IL AND rely solely on the .NET functionality supported in this special edition of .NET.

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