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Brief: Parasoft releases new version of SOA testing tool

Parasoft's upgraded SOA testing tool, SOAtest 5.5, offers a host of new features, including increased compatibility with Microsoft products.

Parasoft has released an update version of its SOA testing tool. SOAtest 5.5 offers increased integration with Microsoft products and a set of new testing features.

This newest version supports Microsoft's .NET WCF (Windows Communication Framework), including proprietary protocols and WS- standards. In addition, SOAtest 5.5 is integrated in the Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) for Software Testers.

Besides increased integration capabilities, SOAtest 5.5 provides virtual testing environments in the form of reusable test stubs, allows for continuous load testing and offers easier XML message validation.

If you are interested in SOAtest 5.5, please visit for more information.

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