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Brief: Fortify enhances its source code analysis tool

Fortify SCA 5.0 enhances source code analysis by improving collaboration among development team members, adding support for more languages, and allowing the tool to be customized.

Fortify Software Inc. this week introduced Fortify SCA 5.0, the fifth generation of its source code analysis software.

Fortify's latest version addresses three key areas that companies need in order to speed secure software development:

Collaboration: The extended teams of security auditors, compliance specialists, development leads and executives involved in software development span time zones and organization charts. Fortify SCA 5.0 enables developers and auditors to collaborate on code review, security bug triage and audits as a team on complex development projects.

Comprehensiveness: As part of this, Fortify aims to support as many languages and operating systems as possible. It has added support for four new languages -- PHP, JavaScript/Ajax, Classic ASP and Classic VB, and limited support for Cobol. With PHP and JavaScript support, Fortify SCA 5.0 helps development teams "future-proof" applications. And support of COBOL and Classic ASP helps companies protect older mission-critical applications, especially as they are exposed by SOA deployments.

Customization: Understanding that companies can't be expected to change how they develop software when they adopt a new tool, Fortify has made SCA 5.0 adaptable. SCA 5.0 enables companies to create customized rules for their mission-critical applications, as well as give security personnel and other non-developer team members the ability to create rules in minutes, rather than days, without the need for prior coding experience.

"Fortify SCA 5.0 provides our customers with much deeper levels of control, analysis and collaboration, to protect them against the threats found in many of the most popular and rapidly evolving Web 2.0 programming languages and technologies, including JavaScript and PHP," said Barmak Meftah, Fortify's senior vice president of products and services.

Visit Fortify's Web site for more information.

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