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Urbancode unveils new lifecycle automation server

Urbancode last week unveiled a new automation server designed to automate development processes that don't fall into well-defined lifecycle stages.

Urbancode unveiled a new automation server at last week's Software Development Conference & Expo West -- Urbancode Automation Server. The server was designed to automate processes that do not neatly fall into well-defined lifecycle stages.

The new Urbancode Automation Server provides complementary automation to the company's AnthillPro and other targeted lifecycle automation solutions. Utilizing the same technology as AnthillPro, the server executes processes across a grid of distributed agents to provide automation related to, but not directly a part of, any specific application lifecycle stage.

The following features can be found in the Urbancode Automation Server:

  • Web 2.0 user interface -- No XML file editing or scripting required; interface offers a drill-down view of steps and log files

  • Flexible process execution through the user interface, web service API, or Cron-like schedule

  • Extensible step types -- The server ships with a pre-installed catalog of steps to automate command and script execution, file transfer, report generation and more. Custom step types create new step types in addition to the pre-installed catalog.

  • Step timeout feature -- Prevents hanging commands

  • Step distribution -- Assigns steps to agents based on resource criteria and load balancing

  • Flexible notifications customize schemes to notify individual users on procedure success, failure, or abort

  • User-defined, role-based security

For more information, visit Urbancode's Web site.

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