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iTKO integrates testing suite with performance monitoring tool

The latest release of iTKO's LISA 4 software testing suite can roll up performance data from systems that use Tibco Hawk distributed monitors. Such continuous validation is more common as services architectures gain influence.

The latest release of iTKO's LISA 4 software testing suite can roll up performance data from systems that use Tibco...

Hawk distributed monitors, software prominent in so-called real-time enterprise software settings.

LISA already supported data feeds from a variety of protocols, including JMX providers, SNMP data and Windows Performance Monitor. LISA now ships with several out-of-the-box configurations for most major metrics providers and application servers such as BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, TIBCO and JBoss. In addition, LISA allows extensions to capture proprietary metrics into test execution context.

"We have had native interfaces into the major ESB [Enterprise System Bus] products and have now added Hawk from Tibco," said John Michelson, chief scientist and co-founder of iTKO.

Michelson indicated that failure or boundary condition events picked up by monitoring software such as Hawk can be made to trigger test workflow execution within LISA. iTKO describes this as a continuous validation Service.

With the LISA Continuous Validation Service, when production systems undergo changes, development and operations team members can be automatically notified when performance lags.

Production system changes are not going to diminish. Trends toward SOA and Agile, iterative development tend to ensure that.

"We have to acknowledge the fact that [applications] are continuously changing," Michelson said. "We have customers delivering new versions of their apps every month, and others are delivering new services weekly."

That also means SOA-influenced organizations are more likely to have validating workflows that are continuously running, he said.

For more information, visit iTKO's Web site.

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