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Enhanced application protection in Dotfuscator Professional 4.3

Dotfuscator Professional 4.3 has enhanced application protection and heuristics that automatically extend to applications that use advanced Microsoft .NET Framework components.

With Dotfuscator Professional 4.3 users get enhanced application tamper defense and heuristics that automatically extend protection to applications that incorporate advanced Microsoft .NET Framework components and programming techniques.

Made available last week by PreEmptive Solutions, Dotfuscator Professional 4.3 has new ".NET-3.5-aware" rules and an extensible framework to manage and extend those rules to continuously keep pace with the rapidly expanding palette of technologies and coding techniques available to today's development organizations, said Bill Leach, CTO at PreEmptive Solutions.

"This release increases application protection, minimizes side effects and simplifies adoption while continuing to ensure 100% .NET framework support," Leach said in a prepared statement.

Specific rules inside Dotfuscator 4.3 encompass both Microsoft technologies and development techniques.

Auto-detection and configuration for Microsoft technologies include the following:

  • Language Integrated Query (LINQ)
  • Silverlight
  • Visual J#
  • Windows CardSpace
  • Windows Communication Foundation
  • Windows Presentation Foundation
  • Windows Workflow
  • Web Services

Auto-detection and configuration for specific development techniques include the following:

  • Custom serialization
  • Data-bound Windows Forms controls
  • Enumerated type values used as strings
  • Late calls in Visual Basic applications

Also included in this release of Dotfuscator is the availability of "automatic real-time application tamper defense." With this, Dotfuscator can inject logic to detect and defend against application tampering that includes real-time defense logic requiring no access to source or recompilation.

For more information, visit PreEmptive Solutions' Web site.

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