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New project management tool from Genius Inside

Genius Inside announced the creation and launch of Genius Project, an on-demand, collaborative portfolio and project management (PPM) solution.

Genius Inside, the creators of the portfolio and project management (PPM) suite, Project4Domino, announced the creation and launch of Genius Project. It is a comprehensive, on-demand, collaborative PPM solution that the creators say "helps companies get things done better, faster and cheaper than ever before, across any and all geographic boundaries."

The Genius Project on-demand solution is useful for organizations that have external suppliers and/or partners in their production process, since it allows constant access to all aspects of project status and data to all parties involved.

The creators say that compared with other PPM solutions, Genius Project offers a number of unique advantages, including Matrix Planning. That feature allows project and department managers to ensure optimal distribution of work assignments with respect to the hierarchical organization.

For example, medium to large organizations operating in a matrixed fashion with virtual project teams across functional departments can utilize Genius Project in the planning process. Matrix Planning will allow project managers to "borrow" resources from another functional group, accurately account for their availability for the project, and allocate appropriate tasks to employees based on their direct line manager's other assignments.

Genius Project also lets you integrate bi-directionally with Microsoft Project, and it offers Genius Project Express, which includes many of the same unique features of Genius Project but meets the needs and budgets of smaller organizations.

Other features of Genius Project:

  • Genius Planner: A powerful and feature-rich integral visual Gantt Chart that provides a comprehensive tool for visually planning, scheduling and modifying projects, assigning and linking tasks, determining timelines and estimating costs.
  • Multi-Currency Support: Allows for defining of multi-rates for resources in various currencies.
  • Document Management: Provides a centralized document repository for attaching and editing any documents (Word, Excel, Photoshop).
  • Budget Management: Lets the project manager enter a detailed budget, with a variety of views to track costs and ensure budget adherence.
  • Workflow Engine: Allows customized workflow on each document to support and automate business processes.
  • Standard PM Methods Templates: Helps organizations implement processes based on standard project management methodologies such as Prince2, PMI and Six Sigma across industries, insuring uniform project structure.
  • Genius Chart: Allows for at-a-glance information. Users can define custom visual reports in any view or document, without need for third-party tools or reporting language.

For more information, visit the Genius Project Web site.

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