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Zephyr facilitates test management

Zephyr announced the availability of its Next Generation Test Management System.

Zephyr recently announced the availability of its Next Generation Test Management System. Zephyr boasts a comprehensive set of test management features that facilitate management of all aspects of a test department and increase tester productivity and efficiency.

Zephyr creators say the system "has been designed for test engineers, by test engineers who have experienced the key challenges faced by testing professionals today." Those challenges include having to manage multiple applications, coordinating and managing testing projects, reporting requirements from project teams, upper management and customers, and keeping geographically dispersed teams in sync and working together.

Zephyr provides a centralized repository server and customized Web client views via Rich Internet Applications (RIA). It provides up-to-date status of all aspects of testing via interactive testing desktops, live dashboards and instant communication features.

Features found in Zephyr:

  • Rich desktops and live dashboards: Testing desktops provide managers, leads, and testers with customized views of the project status, giving managers increased management capabilities, as well as live visibility throughout the project.
  • Instant global collaboration: Multi-location testing teams can communicate and collaborate easily, reducing communication and knowledge transfer issues that occur between onsite/offshore teams.
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based integration: An open architecture allows for easy integration with other systems.
  • Testing delivery platform: Testing vendors can customize and brand Zephyr and use it to deliver superior testing services and best-practices to their customers.
  • Web 2.0 features: Zephyr brings real-time data push, themes, tagging, and RIAs into the enterprise world for test management.

For more information, visit Zephyr's Web site.

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