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Agile tool maker Rally revs test management software

Rally recently enhanced its Rally Quality Manager module to provide better visibility of test-related development artifacts.

Among its recent moves, Rally Software Development enhanced its Rally Quality Manager module to provide better...

visibility of test-related development artifacts. The company's goal is to provide a single source of information for software quality issues throughout the application development lifecycle.

[Rally Quality Manager] is an environment where you can author the test and associate the test with the requirements.
Zach Nies
Vice president of productsRally Software Development

Testing is an important and sometimes controversial link in team development. "Teams have friction on testing, especially when they are taking large projects and trying to move forward," said Zach Nies, Rally's vice president of products.

Nies said the new software could help manage test coverage across concurrent projects as well as schedules. It allows users to define and run a group of tests using test folders as the navigation's means.

The Rally test management software supports the creation of test cases directly from requirements.

"It is an environment where you can author the test and associate the test with the requirements," said Nies. "You can author tests cases and at the same time view a test execution screen. You can run a test plan, and it shows all test cases associated with a test folder."

As part of the update, Rally Quality Manager, which sits atop the company's flagship Agile hosted collaboration suite, now gives the entire team a view on failed tests. It can also record a full test result history to display system quality trends.

Integration with AccuRev SCCM solution
In other news, Rally recently signed a deal with AccuRev Inc. to integrate AccuRev's software change and configuration management (SCCM) solution with its Agile lifecycle management line. The partnership could be seen as an effort to further the cause of continuous quality improvement in development.

Rally recently got some pretty big company in the Agile collaboration tools space when IBM said it would roll out its first Jazz software products. How does Rally view this potential "500-pound gorilla?" In a blog, Rally co-founder and CEO Ryan Martens welcomed Big Blue, indicating the company's entry in this market would further validate the idea of Agile tools. He also offered a critique of IBM's initial foray.

"IBM's entry is strong in the collaborative development, build and task management workflow, but extremely weak in Agile planning, test management and larger, project workflow integration," he wrote.

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