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Enhanced project scheduling included in Wrike Enterprise

Wrike's Enterprise version helps you calculate the final date of the project completion, build the schedule, and reschedule tasks if needed.

Wrike Inc., a provider of on-demand project management software, recently unveiled its new Enterprise version. Wrike's Enterprise version offers a combination of integrated, Web-based project management capabilities and the important task dependencies feature.

The new version lets Wrike users save time and track complex and overlapping projects more efficiently. Task dependencies feature allows you to calculate the final date of the project completion and helps you build the schedule. Besides that, it facilitates rescheduling. With this new feature, Wrike automatically links tasks so that a rescheduling of a top task cascades down to its dependent tasks, immediately displaying the downstream effects on the entire project.

Wrike's feature set includes the following:

  • Intelligent Email Engine -- Lets you easily build project plans via email.
  • Flexible Structures -- Allows multiple alignments of tasks for the deepest coverage of all the project aspects.
  • Dynamic Timeline -- Facilitates the rescheduling process.

    In addition, Wrike's Enterprise version offers a powerful platform for collaboration, task management, reporting across multiple projects and time tracking -- all in one user workspace. The software also allows import and export of Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel files and easily fits into an organization's existing processes.

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