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Avicode upgrades its end-user experience APM product

Avicode has added end-user monitoring tools to its .NET application performance management (APM) line. The new features promise end-users the ability to monitor and measure true performance from the end-user perspective, as well viewing failures/health degradations

Application monitoring provider Avicode Inc. today announced an upgrade to its client-side monitoring product, Intercept uX, which collects statistical and trending information on all user-initiated transactions. Version 5.6 of Intercept xU now supports per tenant data collection for multitenant applications, provides statistical tracing information, and offers improved handling of AJAX calls as well as additional browser support.

The Baltimore-based company focuses on four areas of .NET application performance management (APM): server monitoring, transaction monitoring, dependency discovery and end-user monitoring.

The end-user monitoring is the company's newest ability, according to Chris Childers, director of business development at Avicode. "We've taken same core principles on the server side and extended that to the end-user side. There is no install on the browser; it's a server-side solution. You can monitor and measure true performance from the end-user perspective, as well as failures/health degradations at the client," he said.

For organizations invested in Web apps that are retrofitting or using new technology like Ajax, Childers said the challenges of performance management are worse than on the server side. "You have very little visibility as to what happens from the end-user perspective." Intercept xU identifies who is being impacted and collects that information in real time, he said.

Managing and monitoring distributed browser-based applications "is an area that is going to become hotter in APM without a doubt," said Michael Azoff, principal analyst at market research firm Ovum. "It's becoming a growing business with the increasing use of Web apps. And the APM vendors do recognize that the customer experience is an important area to cover."

Azoff said that Compuware several years ago recognized this as a growth market, and it is an area where niche APM vendors can provide innovation, such as U.K.-based Triometric.

Monitoring the end user experience "is also becoming more important from the point of view of cloud computing," Azoff said, "and the Web interface will be key to that."

With Intercept xU's support for multitenancy, "organizations now have the ability to tag any piece of information in an application and categorize information around that," Childers said. Organizations can accumulate trending and statistical information for each tenant, regardless of the number of users, and compare aggregated data. For example, Childers said, it could be used to track the performance of an application by business group and then analyze that to compare performance across business organizations. Intercept uX 5.6 also provides complete tracing information for all sessions and every user interaction. By being able to see how users navigate a site, organizations can get insight into how performance is impacting the end users.

"That allows an organization to have a full picture of the health of an application on an ongoing basis," Childers said. "They can use it in trend analysis and behavioral analysis; they can understand where users are going."

The release also offers additional support for Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.5, Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7, and improved support for Citrix servers, according to the company.

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