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Injection attacks -- Knowledge and prevention

SQL injection is recognized as a major threat to application security, but what about other injection attacks? SPI Dynamics' Caleb Sima dissects these exploits and offers straightforward prevention techniques in this podcast.

Caleb Sima
Caleb Sima, CTO, SPI Dynamics

SQL injection is widely recognized as one of the biggest threats to application security, but there isn't nearly as much concern over other injection attacks. LDAP injection, XPath injection and similar exploits are just as damaging and receive a fraction of the attention.

In this podcast, expert Caleb Sima, co-founder and CTO of SPI Dynamics Inc. and director of SPI Labs, discusses the various injection attacks, including cross-site scripting (XSS), and recommends tools to help secure your applications. Additionally, Caleb offers straightforward prevention techniques -- including one that prevents about 80% of all injection attacks.

The podcast may be downloaded here:
Injection attacks -- Knowledge and prevention

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A glossary of common injection attacks:

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