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New software developer resume must-haves

Burning Glass CEO Matt Sigelman explains why your software developer CV should incorporate the human factor. It's not enough to be a hot coder -- you need to include soft skills too.

Yes, there's still a shortage of software developers. But there's even more of a shortage of developers who can write well, communicate effectively and comfortably meet with customers. New research from Burning Glass Technologies shows that nationwide, employers are looking for the so-called soft skills more than ever before, according to a recent interview with CEO Matt Sigelman. It's time to polish up that software developer resume.

Over the last several months, Burning Glass looked at millions of job postings around the country to see what skills employers pined after. The results were somewhat surprising to Sigelman, who had seen demand for soft skills trending, but not to this degree. In fact, his research report -- titled "The Human Factor: The Hard Time Employers Have Finding Soft Skills" -- showed on average one in three skills listed in job postings were "baseline skills," such as organization or communication. In highly technical fields like IT or engineering, the proportion was one in four.

Employers are definitely looking for skill set combinations not found in nature.
Matt SigelmanCEO, Burning Glass Technologies

Employers are asking for those skills, but they're not necessarily finding them, Sigelman explained. By looking at how much emphasis employers put on soft skills when advertising for a position, and comparing that level of emphasis to standard occupational profiles, Burning Glass concluded that the out-of-proportion presence of soft skills shows companies are struggling to find employees with those attributes in software developer resumes.

Here's the good news: If you're organized and can write and communicate well, you're in demand in nearly every profession. And that holds even truer of IT folks, Sigelman explained. The well-rounded developer has skills that are the basis for another trend Burning Glass has unearthed: the rise of hybrid jobs included in developer CVs, such as when people with clinical medical experience note they can also code.

"What it means to be a software developer is changing," Sigelman said. "Employers are definitely looking for skill set combinations not found in nature."

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What other must-have skills do you think should be included in a software developer CV?
Learning is a skill. Analyzing, modeling, researching, systematizing, and doing that alone and in collaboration.
Hmm.. That has been a need for a while.

One can for example, hire mere technical ability in
engineering, accountancy, architecture or any other profession at
nominal salaries. But the person who has technical knowledge plus
the ability to express ideas, to assume leadership, and to arouse
enthusiasm among people-that person is headed for higher earning power. ~ Dale Carnegie

Dealing with people is probably the biggest problem you face,
especially if you are in business. Yes, and that is also true if you are a housewife, architect or engineer. ~ Dale Carnegie
Interesting read...I hope people take advantage of info in this article.