• Excelling in the art and science of requirements elicitation

    Eliciting software requirements is a human-intensive activity, and any process requiring user input is never a walk in the park. Learn techniques that can help project leaders make the right choices in eliciting and then analyzing requirements needs.

  • Podcast: Matt Heusser explains conference attendance teams

    "No one should attend STAREast alone," says Matt Heusser, who is one of the founders behind the tester/developer group formation known as "the Rebel Alliance". "The Rebel Alliance" is a team of STAREast bound testers and developers who will attend the conference as a group.

  • Accelerating Agile testing with computer assistance

    According to test pro Matt Heusser full test automation is not completely possible, testers can not always rely on a test tool to find all possible issues. Though test tools will often catch the most allusive issues one should never dillute the acuteness of a seasoned tester's eye.

  • Improving software testing productivity using record-playback

    Test pro describes the benefits and shortcomings of record-playback software testing tools, and offers recommendations in this podcast.

  • Software requirements: Moving beyond use cases

    In this podcast, software development and requirements definition expert Ellen Gottesdiener describes when use cases are a good fit for software projects, when they are not, and what alternative approaches should be used.

  • Succeeding with software requirements in Agile projects

    Consultant Ellen Gottesdiener guides us through the ins and outs of creating software requirements in Agile development environments in this audiocast interview.

  • Mastering key requirements phases

    Consultant Robin F. Goldsmith describes the key phases in a successful software requirements process in this audiocast interview.

  • Software Testing: Researching software features to test

    Michael Kelly gives software testing and quality assurance tips, including ensuring software test coverage is comprehensive, using the leading test coverage model, and which features need testing.

  • Software Testing: Assessing risk and scope

    During a software project, there will always be more features to test than time you have to test them. So, how do you determine how much testing you'll do and how much risk is involved in setting limits?

  • Software Testing: How to know you're ready to start testing

    In this podcast, software testing and quality assurance (QA) expert Michael Kelly gives pointers about how to know when you're ready to start testing and the critical elements of good testing processes.

  • Software security: Removing insecurity from outsourced development

    In this podcast, software security expert Jack Danahy describes when and when not to outsource application development and why.

  • Creating strong QA and testing strategies in a changing world

    Software quality and testing can remain robust -- even in lean economic times -- when a clear, consistent project strategy is in place and automation is used judiciously.

  • Java performance best practices evolving

    Java performance specialist Brian Goetz discusses improvements to the Java virtual machine. As Java performance advances, developers should be aware how these changes affect Java best practices.

  • Uncover Web application security vulnerabilities with these techniques

    Static and dynamic analysis -- manual or automated -- can help uncover Web app security flaws. Learn how to use the techniques to make sure your applications aren't open to attack.

  • Agile 101: What you need to know about agile software development

    Advocates of agile development say this methodology is ideal for creating software. John Scumniotales, co-creator of Scrum, discusses in this podcast what's involved when using agile and where the methodology will be five years from now.

  • Agile development methodologies -- Podcast

    This recording from Venkat Subramaniam's presentation at 2007 The Server Side Java Symposium in Las Vegas looks at different agile software development methodologies, then compares and contrasts the features of each.

  • Black, gray and white box testing explained -- Podcast

    Security is critical when operating a Web application. Black, gray and white box tests are three tests you can conduct to ensure an attacker can't get to your application. In this podcast, Jennette Mullaney refers to information from Dan Cornell, principal for the Denim Group, and Brad Arkin formerly from Symantec, to explain how the black, gray and white box tests differ and the advantages and disadvantages to each one. Jennette also reviews how to select a testing methodology.

  • How source code analysis improves application security

    New application vulnerabilities are disclosed daily. Many of them, however, can be discovered and resolved through source code analysis. Learn how in this podcast with Denim Group's Dan Cornell.

  • Tips and tricks on Ajax security

    Ajax security can be achieved by following the proper guidelines. In this podcast, expert Caleb Sima explains why Ajax is not inherently insecure, which tools work and which don't, and how to safely deploy Ajax.

  • Injection attacks -- Knowledge and prevention

    SQL injection is recognized as a major threat to application security, but what about other injection attacks? SPI Dynamics' Caleb Sima dissects these exploits and offers straightforward prevention techniques in this podcast.