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Overcoming SOA testing challenges

This special report takes a look at the challenges of testing SOA applications, as well as blind spots to be aware of. It also provides tips on how to test SOA applications.

Some people say service-oriented architecture (SOA) testing isn't really new, that this type of testing has occurred in-house ever since there's been middleware. However, that type of testing does differ from testing traditional applications. On top of that, SOA is being used more often, which means more of those types of applications need to be tested.

This special report takes a look at the challenges of testing SOA applications, as well as blind spots to be aware of. It also provides technical tips for conducting the different types of tests that are required.

Feature articles

SOA applications bring testing challenges The complexity of SOA applications creates testing challenges. To address those challenges, experts recommend more collaboration across project teams, earlier involvement by testers and the use of automated tools.

The consequences of overlooking SOA testing blind spots Overlooking SOA application testing blind spots can result in unintended consequences such as buggy, insecure applications. Experts explain what you should keep your eyes open for.

Technical tips & expert advice

Working with the business

  • The business side of SOA testing processes Rami Jaamour discusses the ways in which business and IT people can work together in the SOA testing processes.

Building a test system  

  • Building a testing system for SOA Rami Jaamour discusses the best place to begin when building a testing system for SOA and how to establish a quality policy as part of the overall SOA governance strategy.

Unit testing  

  • Unit, integration testing first steps toward SOA quality When it comes to quality SOA applications, many people play a role. Developers begin the testing effort with unit testing, followed by testers doing integration testing.


  • Unit testing for SOA best practices Rami Jaamour discusses two types of unit testing and what they both need to have in order to maintain best practices for SOA.

Functional and regression testing  

  • Use functional and regression testing to validate SOA solutions With SOA applications, the quality of the individual services does not necessarily translate into the overall quality of the business solution. It is the quality of the whole that truly matters. In this tip, David W. Johnson explains how to use functional and regression testing to validate that SOA solutions deliver the business functionality required.

Performance testing  

  • Performance testing: Ensure your SOA applications perform Performance testing SOA applications brings numerous challenges. Not only must you test individual services and test the services together, but you also need to consider third-party services.

Security testing  

  • Be aware of SOA application security issues Making disparate systems work together via Web services and SOA can save money, time, and frustration. But if you aren't careful, the combination can leave you open to attack.

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