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STAREAST 2011: News and interviews from

SSQ editors and contributors attended this conference May 1-6, and offer insight into the latest innovations in software testing. Check here for stories, tips, interviews and videos featuring many of the industry's greatest thinkers.

This year’s STAREAST conference was held May 1-6 in Orlando, Florida. editors and contributors attended this premier conference and offer insight into the latest innovations in software testing. Presentation topics include Agile testing, design techniques, test automation and testing for mobile apps. Check here for stories, tips, interviews and videos featuring many of the industry's greatest thinkers.

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STAREAST tips and interviews

STAREAST multimedia



STAREAST tips and interviews

Agile testing and defect tracking: Defect tracking systems (DTS's) are often used in application lifecycle management (ALM) to keep track of the bugs found during software development. Agile expert Lisa Crispin talks about the pros and cons of using a DTS and alternatives used by Agile and lean teams.

Testing with FitNesse and Selenium: Dawn Cannan, a presenter at the STAREAST conference, speaks with SSQ contributor Chris McMahon about her presentation titled, "Creating Executable Specifications and Tests with FitNesse and Selenium." Cannan gives some specific examples of the use of executable specifications in which code and documentation are both accomplished at the same time.

Software testing with fuzzing and fault modeling: The real world isn't always like a test environment. How do we test for the unexpected problems such as system faults or malicious attacks? SSQ contributor Matt Heusser talks to Shmuel Gershon, presenter at STAREAST with a talk titled, "Fuzzing and Fault Modeling for Product Evaluation."

Agile testing success: How has Agile testing changed over the past 10 years and what are the most important skills for an Agile tester? These are two of the questions that are explored in this interview between Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory, co-authors of, "Agile Testing -- A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams."

Test Centers of Excellence: What exactly is a Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) and how do quality organizations go about putting one together? In this interview with STAREAST presenter and quality advocate Tom Delmonte, we find out more about TCoEs and how they can be effective in improving the test efforts of your organization.

Ways to beat top software testing challenges and problems: Lloyd Roden of Grove Consultants describes seven software testing challenges and tips on how to overcome them.


STAREAST multimedia

Keynote Speaker

Check out this video clip of Keynote Speaker Lee Copeland, who has more than thirty-five years of experience as a consultant, instructor, author and information systems professional. Lee frequently speaks at software conferences both in the US and abroad.


Andy Kaufman Keynote: Win friends, influence people and deliver quality software 

At STAREAST, 2011, author and project management expert Andy Kaufman delivered a keynote, titled “How to Win Friends and Influence People – and Deliver Quality Software.” He showed us how the principles that Carnegie touted still apply today.


STAR Test Lab

Wouldn't it be nice if you could really conduct testing while at a test conference? That's the question that prompted the creation of STAR Test Lab.



STAREAST keynote: Win friends, influence people and deliver quality software

STAREAST Test Lab allows users to get hands-on training

James Bach on critical thinking: Huh? Really? So?

Dawn Cannan: Bridging the gap between business and development

Tom Delmonte talks about Test Centers of Excellence at STAREAST

Ideas for tester networking and training from Agile coach Selena Delesie

Shmuel Gershon on fuzzing and more at STAREAST 2011

Agile leadership with Bob Galen

Naomi Karten: Chaos is normal with change

Janet Gregory explains why some people prefer story boards over tools

Data warehouse automation: Vasudeva Naidu from Infosys at STAREAST


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