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Special Report: Securing applications -- The new frontier in security

It isn't enough to secure the physical network. Today, criminals are focusing on exploiting vulnerabilities in applications. This report, written by Jim Zimmerman from Techra LLC, looks at the top application security vulnerabilities and how to deal with them.

The most serious security vulnerabilities facing enterprises today aren't necessarily the ones that they've prepared for. Until recently, most security expenditures were for securing the physical network. Today, however, criminals are focusing on exploiting vulnerabilities in applications. This has brought about a rise of interest in the area of application security. Unfortunately, application security is a term that is now used by many people to mean different things. Some people immediately assume that application security means Web application security. Securing Web applications is important, but application security extends beyond Web applications to include packaged applications and applications developed internally. Failure to address security across all of those areas could leave your firm exposed to data theft, loss of revenue and even serious litigation.

"Securing applications -- The new frontier in security" examines the views of leading analyst firms and security organizations on various aspects of application security. It also takes a look at what they view as the leading application security vulnerabilities and their recommendations for dealing with them. The report concludes with predictions for the future of application security and a series of recommendations from analysts on how to improve application security.

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