Non-functional testing

Software testers can take advantage of several non-functional testing types to assess how an application performs, aside from its features and functionality. Non-functional testing requirements help guarantee that software addresses the needs of its intended audience, as well as those of the business. Dig into this section to find helpful tips and tool buying insights.

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  • Dive into functional testing and non-functional testing approaches

    Don't get trapped in a white or black box -- or the gray area in between. Here's why functional and non-functional app testing are complementary ways to ensure end user satisfaction. Continue Reading

  • system testing

    System testing, also referred to as system-level tests or system-integration testing, is the process in which a quality assurance (QA) team evaluates how the various components of an application interact together in the full, integrated system or ... Continue Reading

  • soak testing

    Soak testing is a type of performance evaluation that gauges how an application handles a growing number of users or increasingly taxing tasks over an extended period of time. Continue Reading

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