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Internet Site Security -- Chapter 12: Developing Secure Internet Applications

Web application security is a difficult task, and programming errors compound Internet insecurity. Software developers will benefit from the tips in this free book excerpt. This chapter breaks down internet security, starting with common sources of programming mistakes and ending with coding standards and coding reviews.

Internet Site Security
By Jacob Carlson, Ken Green, Erik Schetina
Published by Addison-Wesley
ISBN: 0672323060; Published: 3/8/2002; Copyright 2002; Pages: Final; Edition: 1

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Site Security written by Jacob Carlson, Ken Green and Erik Schetina and published by Addison Wesley.

"Chapter 12: Developing Secure Internet Applications" explains how programming errors affect an application's security. The authors bring together the most common coding and development mistakes and present best-practice solutions to those mistakes.

Internet Site Security

Book description:
In this book you'll learn all the fundamental techniques and technologies needed to develop a secure connection to the Internet. Before selecting a firewall, VPN or intrusion detection system, you must define exactly what your information assets are, who needs to get to them and what the external and internal threats to those assets are. Internet Site Security walks you through the process of assessing your Internet environment and developing the procedural and technical policies required to protect your critical information and network resources.

After helping you develop an information security program, this book details the technologies required to implement network and server security measures. You will learn about the real-world details (and "gotchas") of firewalls, virtual private networks, authentication and intrusion detection. You'll then put the pieces together using several architectures suitable for the enterprise and for small business networks.

Finally, the book examines the common mistakes that custom Internet application developers often make and provides solutions that all software developers should know to ensure that their code can weather the harsh environment of the Internet.

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